Do you spend all week training hard, and very little time doing all the things your coaches tell you to do?

  • Work on your stretching…
  • Work on your mobility…
  • Work on your active recovery…
  • Work on your corrective exercises…

We all do. I do. You do. Your coach probably does.

This is where High Performance Recovery Classes come in.

High Performance Recovery classes focus on all the things you DON’T do, and the things that you NEED.

  • Breathing mechanics
  • Soft tissue work (foam rolling)
  • Mobility work
  • Movement based training
  • Low intensity Recovery Cardio


Anyone who takes their health seriously. 

Active recovery is necessary for not only feeling better, but for maximizing fat loss and muscle gain potential.

When you train hard all the time, your body increases its production in the stress hormone cortisol. Unfortunately, cortisol also slows down fat loss and can limit your muscle protein synthesis – i.e your “gains”.

So if you spend all week lifting heavy, running at high intensity, doing HIIT bootcamps, training for long endurance events, or just simply want to feel better throughout your day, this class is for you!

Classes will be only 30 minutes long and have you feeling better when you leave the gym, than when you got there. The sessions will be capped at 8 people, so act fast!

Classes will be on Thursdays, from 7AM to 7:30AM at Gym 608 – in Verona – and only $15/class! 

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