Accelerated Cut/Low Cardio – Nutrition and Workout Plan



This plan includes a full diet layout with how to set your goals, how to measure and track, 3 workouts per week, plus minimal low-intensity cardio to maximize fat burning. It runs for 8 weeks.



***NEXT ROUND STARTS Oct. 9th!!!***

You don’t need to do endless hours of cardio to lose fat. You actually don’t NEED to do any at all…

With this plan you get access to my accelerated fat loss diet plan – which is not for the weak – but also won’t keep you from eating some of the foods that you love (depending on the day!)

This plan will maximize your fat-burning potential in just 8 weeks, and if followed correctly you WILL lose 5-10% of your current body fat. But you will need to lift. You will need to eat protein. You will need to watch your food, especially carbs on your low activity days…

For the workouts:

You will get full access to my online training app and 1 of 4 different workout paths!

  • Bodyweight and bands
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Full Gym

**Once you download the program, you MUST email me ( which program you would like to follow for 8 weeks – PLEASE read through the download packet as soon as you get it, these instructions are crucial to your success on this program**





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