Overwhelmed by fitness and nutrition advice?

That's Where I Come In

Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian | Certified Personal Trainer

Mike has worked with hundreds of clients both in person and online to accomplish their goals, improve their confidence, and reach independence from fad dieting and injurious exercise programs.

Mike’s approach is simple. Find where you are currently at (Point A) and move one step at a time (Point B,C,D…) to help you create LASTING change.

Let me guide you, help you, teach you, and work with you on finding out what works best for YOU.

I don’t do cookie-cutter. I don’t do generic. I will help you, as an individual. We will find what methods, and approach works best for you, your current life, and will get you to where you want to be.



“I can still have the things I love most, but in moderation.   Knowing I can have something if I really want it and not feel guilty has made a big difference.”

“Mike provides a well rounded workout while addressing varying degrees of ability to do the exercises. He always asks how we are doing at every session. Mike is willing to help insure the client is following a proper nutrition plan. He is human and readily admits to it.”

amy C transformation weight loss

“Thank you Mike Gorski for teaching me to lift, reduce my body fat %, to count and meet macro goals and, most of all, teaching me that my health isn’t a number on a scale. Learning to listen to my emotions, think before eating, and STOP SHAMING! You’ve helped change my relationship with food and put my health goals on the same plane with my life goals. Again, thank you!” – Amy C