Welcome to my Amazon affiliate shop. These prices are the lowest you will find online, and these are products that I personally recommend to all my clients.


Lean Habits by Georgie Fear

  • This book is purely amazing. Georgie is a fellow habits based Registered Dietitian, who I look up to and base a lot of my work on. I have used many of her methods with my clients to help them develop awesome new health habits, and ditch old, unhealthy habits. Seriously, just buy this book and read it over and over.


The Fatloss Prescription by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

  • This is a no-non sense, no gimmick diet book that everyone can learn from. Quick, simple read, that has many actionable steps that anyone can adapt immediately. Dr. Nadolsky has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off through his methods. He also discusses how common medications can effect weight loss. As a bonus, he is a doctor who practices what he preaches and is super jacked.



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