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What to eat, what not to eat?

How to work out, how not to workout?

How to lose weight, how to gain muscle?

Everything in between?

Where should you even think of starting?

It can be so overwhelming, that often times, you might find yourself reading, watching, listening…but not DOING anything.

That is where I come in.

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Let me guide you, help you, teach you, and work with you on finding out what works best for YOU.

I don’t do cookie-cutter. I don’t do generic. I will help you, as an individual. We will find what methods, and approach works best for you, your current life, and will get you to where you want to be.

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What are current clients saying?

“I can still have the things I love most, but in moderation.   Knowing I can have something if I really want it and not feel guilty has made a big difference.”

Making food fun again. It’s what you will do.

“The initial motivation for working out with Mike was weight loss. The reality is it helps tremendously with my mental health. On the days I work out with Mike, I have more energy, my productivity level is significantly improved and I don’t seem to sweat the small stuff. I am able to balance family and work demands better and I start my day clear-headed and ready to go. The small group environment is supportive and challenges me to do better every day.”

Improve more than your body. It’s what you will do.

“Mike provides a well rounded workout while addressing varying degrees of ability to do the exercises. He always asks how we are doing at every session. Mike is willing to help insure the client is following a proper nutrition plan. He is human and readily admits to it.”

Accountability, fun, and challenge. It’s what you will do.

“I genuinely believe I have extended my life by at least 5-10 years, as a result of working with Mike. Not only do I expect to live longer, I expect to look better, to enjoy that time more, to be more productive, and to be a better role model and father to my kids. Mike is very capable in his substantive knowledge of training and nutrition, but most importantly he has the people skills and non-judgmental approach to be able to work effectively with clients having a variety of fitness levels and goals.Plus he knows how to make it fun, and I like the tunes he plays.

If you want to change your life for the better, whether its losing weight or just better physical condition, you can’t do better than Mike Gorski.”


“Thank you Mike Gorski for teaching me to lift, reduce my body fat %, to count and meet macro goals and, most of all, teaching me that my health isn’t a number on a scale. Learning to listen to my emotions, think before eating, and STOP SHAMING! You’ve helped change my relationship with food and put my health goals on the same plane with my life goals. Again, thank you!” – Amy C

So what is holding you back? What are you waiting for? Act NOW!

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