It’s Been a While, Here’s What Has Been Going On…

Hey All,

It’s been too long since I posted a blog post, as I have been very busy with training and other work outside of the gym, along with wedding stuff – only 12 weeks out!

What has been keeping me busy? I have been working on some great posts for other big websites, such as The Personal Trainer Development Center, along with Dr. John Rusin Fitness Systems.

My latest article on The PTDC is actually one that I have already posted on my blog here, but it got accepted for their publication!

Here is the link for the article on the site: http://www.theptdc.com/2015/07/program-tips-for-creating-workouts-for-golfers/

Also, the article on John’s website created a little “buzz” on social media, even earning me a private message from one of the top nutrition experts in the world – so thats pretty cool!

Here is the link for that article: http://www.drjohnrusin.com/5-nutritional-methods-for-fat-loss-hypertrophy/


Lastly, I am currently working (slowly) on a cool new article looking at foods that a lot of us like to classify as healthy, and therefore we can get a little out of control with our eating – thus making the food not so healthy. Think gluten free. Sure, maybe your body doesn’t agree with gluten, but that doesn’t make eating a whole sleeve of gluten-free cookies a healthy choice!

I wish I had more to share with you all, but like I said – it’s been crazy busy around here. As always, I enjoy receiving messages with questions that can lead to ideas for new articles. Send me your questions and comments!

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