Online Wellness Group

Have you tried it all? Diets? Home workout programs? Pills? Shakes? Cleanses? Where have these gotten you?

Or maybe you haven’t started anything because you don’t know where to start?

Most of us know what we should be doing more of and what we should be doing less off to reach certain goals – but day after day, week after week and year after year – many end up taking 2 steps forward, and 5 steps back…

This is where having a coach, a support group, and a plan of action can make all the difference.

A coach doesn’t do the work for you – but they guide, teach and lead you to success.

A support group to relate with, brainstorm with, and even vent with – it makes a difference.

And a plan of action that you develop, with the help of a coach, to lead you, step by step, in the right order – to eventually lead you to fit into that favorite dress of yours, looking ready for the beach, or feeling more energetic for whatever activities you enjoy.

Right now I am taking applications for my Online Wellness Group which may be just what you need to get started or to find clarity and guidance for your goals.

The group includes:

  • Full access to my online training app
  • Group online workouts and challenges to keep you motivated and on track
  • Weekly check-ins with me as your coach to help you with your challenging points
  • Weekly video Q&A sessions to go over topics, questions, and planning for the upcoming weeks

The value of this program is unmatched, and if you take full advantage of the program I guarantee you will get 10x your return on the investment you make in this program. For less than a latte a day, you can join this group and get started very soon! Right now the group is only:

$20/week for 12 weeks


10% off if you pay in full ($216)

Starting July 9th

So if you are ready to join and take advantage of this opportunity just fill out this form here and we will chat soon!

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