The Fun From the Fitness Summit Continues…

My night, week, and maybe month just GOT MADE…I’ve got some exciting news to announce, but first:

After an amazing weekend in Kansas City for the 2015 Fitness Summit, I wasn’t 100% ready for Monday. I’ll admit it. Over 10 pounds of BBQ consumed (this might not be far from the truth), and a decent amount of adult beverages consumed as well. This was a Fitness Summit? 

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Yes, and read this article by fellow Summit attendee Jason from AnyMan Fitness to learn WHY we do what we do.


In all honesty, the Summit was great and I learned a ton as well as getting to meet a lot of very cool people, including some that have been incredibly influential on my training career thus far. One of the people I was super pumped to meet was the one and only Jon Goodman, the creator behind The Personal Trainer Development Center, Ignite the Fire, and The Personal Trainer Pocket Book.  (Shout out to Eric Bach for introducing me!)

“Take the picture from lower down to make him look bigger…”


We got to chat for a good 30+ minutes about tons of random things, training, nutrition, schnitzel houses…the usual. Anyways, the amazing news that I just got was that my first article I submitted for publication on The Personal Trainer Development Center just got published and is live! While this article may not pertain to my clients, I’m still pumped about it and hope you all enjoy.

“The key to success as a personal trainer? Keep your fitness clients happy!

That’s it? One tip? Yes, one tip.

There are many ways to keep your clients happy, but here are my top three ways to keep your fitness clients smiling, referring, and coming back for more…” – CLICK HERE  for the Full Article! 

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  1. For sure man! Next year I will be sure to book at the Courtyard so I don’t have to worry about driving anywhere 🙂

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