Metabolic Damage: It’s All Too Real

I havent had much time to post, and was going to post about this topic next. However, I came across TWO awesome articles today covering exactly what I was going to discuss,so I wont bother writing it all again.

I have had some experience doing some nutrition counseling while in my dietetic internship, and have come across two cases of what I confidently believed to be metabolic damage. Essentially, metabolic damage is caused by chronic, ultra restrictive dieting, and over exercising.

The two people I got to counsel first gave me their diet recalls that MAYBE totalled 800 calories per day. Both were skipping breakfast, lunch was usually some fruit, and yogurt or cottage cheese, and dinner was a salad with not much to it. In both cases, they were doing about 30 minutes of exercise per day. Granted, this is by no means over exercising. However, with such a low carb, low fat, even low protein diet, the body cannot function to support any exercise, or activities of daily living for that matter. Metabolism slows, and weight loss stops.


The more you exercise, the more you need to eat.  It’s simple. Exercise more, eat more carbs, protein and healthy fats – just don’t overdo it, and you will still lose weight, and reach your goals. Can you drive your car very far without gas? Didnt think so.

If you are interested in more logic and science behind this, please check out these two awesome articles!




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  1. The more you exercise, the more you need to eat. This is true to me…I can’t deny.:)

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