Metabolic Damage: It’s All Too Real

I havent had much time to post, and was going to post about this topic next. However, I came across TWO awesome articles today covering exactly what I was going to discuss,so I wont bother writing it all again. I have had some experience doing some nutrition counseling while in my dietetic internship, and haveContinue reading “Metabolic Damage: It’s All Too Real”

“Cardio”…Is It Optimal? Part 1

  When I say “cardio” I’m talking about your traditional forms of cardio. Jogging for 30 minutes to and hour, cycling, walking on an incline, etc. So what does this kind of cardio actually do? In Part 1 of this blog post, I will look at traditional cardio, and what it does. The Good:  Traditional,Continue reading ““Cardio”…Is It Optimal? Part 1″