Mike Uncensored: Don’t Get Healthy – LIVE Healthy

“I’m going to lose 30 pounds in a year”

“I’m going to do this new boot camp for 3 months”

“I’m signing up for this 10k and training for it”

These are all great goals. They involve a  specific target, training, and a time frame. However, they also leave one element out, or rather, include a hidden element  – a finish. Living healthy is not a race. Living healthy is not a class. There should not be an end! Living healthy is living your life in a way that you find comfortable and rewarding until the day you die. 

Using a boot camp, diet tracker, meal plan, etc. are all great stepping-stones to help you get back on track. Then what? If you aren’t going to do them your whole life, then you better have a game plan for afterwards. I often equate these type of things to putting your training wheels back on your bike. They are helping you, however, you are still riding that bike – and the training wheels will need to come back off at some point!

In my profession I see it all the time, people bust their butts to accomplish something and stop. Then a year later, I see them again and they are back to square one and trying to accomplish a new goal with a different end date. Stop setting end dates! Your life doesn’t end in 3 months, so why focus on being healthy and busting your butt for only 3 months? 

Here is my point:

I would rather see Client A: loses 1/2 to 1 pound a week (this is 52 lbs. in a year, folks!) and maintains that for a lifetime through slow, morphing goals that evolve slowly over time. Then there is Client B: loses 50 pounds in 12 weeks…then goes MIA for the rest of the year, only to walk right back in the door a year later, looking to lose the same 50 pounds! You can’t do this to your body, or more importantly, your mind!

I work with clients for 1 to 5 hours per week. This leaves 163 to 167 hours left in the week for my clients to do WHATEVER they want. Ideally, you are sleeping 7-8 hours a night (easier said than done, I know). This drops the number down to 118 hours per week to either live healthy – or not.

You control your life, your choices, your body. Everyone has the willpower and determination, you just need to find it and stick to it! No excuses, get moving!

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