Mike Uncensored: Don’t Get Healthy – LIVE Healthy

“I’m going to lose 30 pounds in a year”

“I’m going to do this new boot camp for 3 months”

“I’m signing up for this 10k and training for it”

These are all great goals. They involve a  specific target, training, and a time frame. However, they also leave one element out, or rather, include a hidden element  – a finish. Living healthy is not a race. Living healthy is not a class. There should not be an end! Living healthy is living your life in a way that you find comfortable and rewarding until the day you die. 

Using a boot camp, diet tracker, meal plan, etc. are all great stepping-stones to help you get back on track. Then what? If you aren’t going to do them your whole life, then you better have a game plan for afterwards. I often equate these type of things to putting your training wheels back on your bike. They are helping you, however, you are still riding that bike – and the training wheels will need to come back off at some point!

In my profession I see it all the time, people bust their butts to accomplish something and stop. Then a year later, I see them again and they are back to square one and trying to accomplish a new goal with a different end date. Stop setting end dates! Your life doesn’t end in 3 months, so why focus on being healthy and busting your butt for only 3 months? 

Here is my point:

I would rather see Client A: loses 1/2 to 1 pound a week (this is 52 lbs. in a year, folks!) and maintains that for a lifetime through slow, morphing goals that evolve slowly over time. Then there is Client B: loses 50 pounds in 12 weeks…then goes MIA for the rest of the year, only to walk right back in the door a year later, looking to lose the same 50 pounds! You can’t do this to your body, or more importantly, your mind!

I work with clients for 1 to 5 hours per week. This leaves 163 to 167 hours left in the week for my clients to do WHATEVER they want. Ideally, you are sleeping 7-8 hours a night (easier said than done, I know). This drops the number down to 118 hours per week to either live healthy – or not.

You control your life, your choices, your body. Everyone has the willpower and determination, you just need to find it and stick to it! No excuses, get moving!

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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