Can You Build A House With Only a Hammer?


Sure, you probably, eventually COULD make something that kind of resembles a house…

But what would you use to cut wood for the frame? To dig the basement out? To do a whole lot of other things you can’t do with a hammer?

To build a solid house, you need multiple tools and skills.

The hammer analogy is my attempt at the equivalent of thinking that one single variable will change your body, and change your life.

1) Getting Your Macros

I personally find it funny that people pay for this, and that others charge for this – but hey, if there is money to be made, go business!

150 pound woman looking to lose weight? Ok, start at 1500 calories, 150 grams protein, 50 grams of fat, 115 grams carbs. There are your starting “macros” for free.

See how much of a joke this is?

Literally getting your macros sent to you probably takes most “coaches” 10 seconds to calculate, but then they will charge you $50. That’s a solid hourly rate, so I get it.

Heres the thing… your “macro needs” CHANGE. Your life and diet is not as simple as one set of numbers at one point in time.

If you like the counting your macros approach, great (most people aren’t this robotic)- but I hope you are working with a coach who adjusts them as your body adjusts, and also takes multiple life goals and your mental health goals into account.

2) Weight Loss Supplements/Wraps/Cleanses

I’ll keep this short… if these worked, I would be out of a job.

3) At Home 4 Minute Workouts

Really? 4 minutes?

“But at least they are doing SOMETHING…”

Fair point…but can we set the bar juuuuust a little higher? Please…

Sure, workout 4 minutes per day and you will get the body of your dreams…***Also – you must not sit more than 15 minutes each day, go on a super tight diet, sleep 9 hours every night, and drink your bodyweight in water….

So What Works?

Yes, knowing your goal calorie intake can be a great start, but you have to realize that these things change.

Do you even currently know how many calories you currently eat? Start there.

Find a 7 day average, and then adjust it by 100-200 calories in the direction of your desired goal. Follow that until you stall, and then recheck, and adjust accordingly.

However, cutting calories TOO low for TOO long can have some pretty bad side effects, and this is where a good coach can come in, and help you with what is known as a “reverse diet”.

See how complicated this can be?

So before you pay someone a couple bucks for a few numbers, and a cookie cutter workout, think about how complex the human body really is…

Working with a good coach might cost more than someone selling macro numbers, but this is an investment in your health, your life, and you need to think of it that way.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait until you hire an amateur…


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Stay healthy my friends,


Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC