5 Ways to Survive Holiday Parties

Tis the season, right?

I know I have discussed the idea of the “holidays RUINING your progress” is sort of an over exaggeration, but if you are someone who has multiple social outings and multiple opportunities to consume an epic amount of calories, it can add up.

One meal won’t wreck your progress. Not even one weekend will. But repeating the same gluttony every weekend for multiple weekends in a row, well, that COULD set you back a few.

So here are some strategies you could implement on the day of your next social indulgence.

1. Eat Light the Day Of

You have to be honest with yourself. When you go to these events, do you eat like you normally do? Or do you go to town? And honestly, at social gatherings, it doesn’t take much to consume a ton of calories.

Have a look at this example: 

Doesn’t take much to add up to almost 2000 calories.

So let’s be real if you know you are going to enjoy the party this way, eat light earlier in the day. You will likely get more than your fair share of carbs and fat, so load up on protein and veggies earlier on.

2. Don’t Pig Out on All Junk

You know how to eat healthily. Don’t say you don’t. Do you need 9 cookies? 20 bacon wrapped wieners? Real talk for a second – don’t eat like a child. What does you stuffing your face have to do with enjoying the party? Will you feel better the next day? Or like a bloated tick, ready to pop?Will you be happy with the result? So what’s the point of eating so grossly that you physically feel sick?

3. Be Mindful and Intuitive the Next Day

Are you waking up full from the party? Well you don’t NEED to eat breakfast at 8AM. You don’t NEED to eat your usual Sunday morning bacon grease platter with pancakes. Listen to your body. If you aren’t hungry, and you know you went full out effort on the crock pot meatballs last night, you will be okay if you skip or postpone breakfast – I promise.

4. Be Active The Day of and the Day After

This doesn’t mean you need to go repent for your sins at the gym and sweat out the demons. But move more. Go for a walk. Get your last minute holiday shopping done. Go to the gym and get your normally scheduled, routine workout in (you have one right?) Just don’t sit around feeling bad for yourself. It’s one meal/event that night – the whole rest of the day is not wasted.

Get 10k steps in and hit some weights for a solid bicep and shoulder pump – this is proven to make you feel more confident at the party #science.

5. Get Out of Your Own Way

See what all 4 of the previous tips have in common? It’s all on you. You decide what you eat. you decide what to do to prevent overeating. You decide what to do the day of as far as activity goes. You are in control of these situations 1,000,000% of the time. You have the ability to eat light before, to be honest with yourself, and make decisions in the moment. Maybe it’s not what you are used to, and in that case – it’s time to change your mindset. 

Sure, maybe this seemed a bit harsh – but hear me out. 

Even if you have 10 holiday parties between now and New Years. That is 10 meals that EVEN IF you eat epic amounts of food, drinks, etc…it will not out weigh what you do the rest of your life. In one year, assuming you east 3 meals per day, this is 1095 meals in a year.

If 10 of those are insane calorie binges on the fattiest, greasiest, cheesiest, booziest foods…that is 0.9% of your meals. Not even 1%! 

This brings me back to the point I referenced at the start of the post – it matters so so so so so so so much more what you do regularly than what you do over the course of a few parties. It’s not like you got to your current state of health – good or bad – because of 10 meals, and it never will be. 

Make smart choices at the parties, plan ahead, plan for after, and play the long game. All will be golden!

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Stay healthy my friends,

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC