How To Handle “Results” Haters

You care about your health. You are trying your hardest to lose some extra pounds. You are trying to build the physique of your dreams. You are trying to prolong your life.

Whatever YOUR goals may be, they are your goals – and that is awesome.

Don’t let others tell you what is a “good look” or a “bad look”, it’s your decision and your goal – so get it!

Often times I do hear or even see this scenario play out however:

Person A gets compliments of looking good.

Person B chimes in with lines like “well she NEVER eats” or “well he spends 12 hours a week working out” or some other comment in which maybe it makes them feel better about their own struggles to try and “justify” how your hard work is unjust.

So here is how to handle a few other characters:

1) Food Pusher Phil

You lost some weight, but you want to lose more.

You are at a family dinner and portion out your lean protein, veggies, and carbs. You finish dinner and saved some room for a little piece of pie.

Then the food pusher comes in and says “You look so good, you have worked so hard, you DESERVE another piece”. And they continue to insist that you eat more several times.

They probably mean well, but damn it can be annoying.

All you need to do is say “no thank you, I am full” or “no thank you, I don’t eat more than one piece of dessert” – by saying DON’T instead of CAN’T it changes the perception of a rule  vs. restriction, and rules are harder to argue against.

If they are an adult they should understand, hopefully.

2) Negative Nancy

**The only Nancy I know is a sweet, and very positive lady, so this in no way reflects her**

You know, they one that always has something of their own to complain about. This is hard, that is hard, i’ll start Monday, I’ll start next week…

But then they turn it on you, and say something like “oh I wish I had your time/dedication” or some other form of slight backhand compliment insinuating that their life is SOOO much harder than your life of luxury and time to take care of your body.

How to deal with this person? Honestly the best way is to ignore them.

They will usually always find a way to make an excuse, and they will probably always be the same.

However, if you are like me and want to help people you could start by offering to be a workout buddy, or food tracking partner.

“Hey, I know you are really crunched for time, but I actually only workout 3 days per week for 45 minutes, why don’t you come with me sometime?”

3) Diet Guru Greg

The guy who always seems to know the latest study or food documentary. He is always trying to tell you to eat this, not that, or this will kill you, or oh this is bad for you, etc.

However, 9 times out of 10, this person doesn’t usually look like they take care of themselves either.

They are usually the ones that hop from diet to diet, do 10 day juice fasts, followed by keto benders, then donut benders, then find a new supplement, then want to sell it to you…

But if you are getting results, they will have tons of “yeah, but’s” to follow up with – yeah, but eating that way will wreck your metabolism, yeah but eating that way isn’t good for your cuticles, yeah but eating that way will give you X disease.

Maybe they are right, but maybe they are very wrong…

If you are on a set plan, and you enjoy it, feel good, and are getting results – then just politely tell the person, “that sounds interesting, I’ll check it out” – then do check it out if you want, but consult a professional instead of the greasy salesman.

Moral of the story is – embrace YOUR goals, you do you, and politely tell the jealous ones to get a better hobby.




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Stay healthy my friends,


Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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