How to Lose 55 Pounds With No Gym Experience

UPDATED: 6/30/2020

Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when you kind of know they are coming, but they far exceed what you expected. Let’s look at one pretty cool surprise, 1 year in the making…

Our story begins with one of my rockstar clients, about 1 year ago. When we started, she didn’t want to step on the scale – which was totally fine. We compromised and just did body measurements.

We ran through my usual assessment protocol. She couldn’t hold a plank without her lower back hurting, definitely couldn’t do a pushup, and was pretty much starting from zero gym experience – at the age of 65.

This is where many people would be so discouraged that they would quit; but not her. She stuck it out and surpassed what she ever expected.

Throughout the year we rechecked the measurements, and they were going down in all the right places. She was feeling better, looking better, and kicking some serious butt in the gym.

Now a year later, she reps out full pushups, does stability ball plank variations completely pain-free, deadlifts 135 pounds for reps, pushes 330-pound sleds, and weighs 55 pounds less.

55 pounds less?!? Yup, I was stunned.

After we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, she told me that she did weigh herself on her own – day 1. One year later she has lost 55 pounds!

To say I am proud of her is an understatement – but I knew that she would get here. From day one, I could tell she had mostly the right mindset and was willing and ready to learn along the way.

UPDATES – 2 Years Later

Read that again – 55 pounds in a year. Just about 1 pound per week. Everyone wants quick and fast results – but I always say – if you have 50 pounds to lose, what does it matter if you do it in a month or a year? I can tell you right now, it is MUCH more sustainable when you do it slow and steady.

I can proudly say that this client still works with me, and has kept this weight off 2 years later. 

She still has her social days out with friends on weekends, work lunches, and cocktails – but she has learned balance and moderation. She has stayed consistent with training with me 2 times per week, and is active outside of that with walks and mowing the lawn.

No crazy fad diets, no crazy HIIT workouts – just traditional strength training, a little sled pushing, and some weight complexes and she has kept this up for over 4 years now! 

So how did she do it?

Here is a quick interview that will hopefully inspire everyone, especially those who think they can’t get results, and who might not know where to start.

  1. What made you decide to reach out to work with me?

I had been going to physical therapy and the therapist had suggested working with a trainer. After talking to a couple of people, Mike’s name came up and he was highly recommended.

  1. What was the hardest part of starting?

Walking in the door of the gym was one of the most difficult things I had ever done.

3a. How much were you working out at the gym?

I had never been to a gym or worked with a trainer.   I had never even been on a treadmill, so this was a totally new adventure.

3b. How much exercise have you been doing on your own?

Outside of the training sessions, I take one class plus try to work out 2 or 3 more times a week now.

4. What was the first change you worked on with your diet?

Mike suggested writing down everything I ate every day and what a shock that was. He then went over it with me every week, made suggestions about possible changes and recommendations to improve my eating habits.

5a. Over the last year, what has been the hardest part about your approach with eating?

The hardest part was rethinking what to eat.   My diet had not been very healthy and included a lot of sugar and starch since I had never met a dessert I didn’t covet. When I feel myself slipping I have start writing the food down again and have had Mike take a look to put me back on track.

5b. The easiest?

The easiest change was modifying what I could eat and still enjoy. It takes a little more work to eat better but I can now look at my options and know which one will meet my needs and still be satisfying.

5c. The most surprising?

Most surprising is that I can still have some of the things I love most, but in moderation.   Knowing I can have something if I really want it and not feel guilty has made a big difference.

  1. What strategies have you implemented when it comes to eating out?

I make better choices when ordering. Mike has been great about suggesting options that are better for me yet still satisfy my appetite and keep me on track.

  1. Besides all your amazing measurable results, what else have you noticed in terms of positive change over the past year?

The weight loss has given me more confidence.   When I started this journey, I didn’t have much confidence that I would follow through and/or succeed. I have a great coach who encourages me and never makes me feel like I am out of place.

  1. Any more words of wisdom for anyone looking to get healthy?

The day I started Mike’s words were, “If you don’t want to succeed, I’m not the guy you should be working with”.   That has stuck with me and I keep going forward because I do want to succeed and want to continue on this path to a better and healthier lifestyle. I want more from life, and feel that I am moving in that direction. Starting with a good trainer makes all the difference and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the best one in town.

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