Mindset: It Matters MOST

What is your strongest muscle? Your brain.

What is your biggest motivator? Your brain.

What can be your biggest enemy? Your brain.

No matter what, this will always be true.

Think about it. Your brain is so powerful, it can literally force you to stay in your warm cozy bed and skip the gym. What else can do that? It would take the physicality of another person to force you to not move. That’s pretty powerful.

Your brain can talk you into eating a whole bag of cookies. What else can do that? Someone would have to literally force feed you cookies against your will.

On the bright side; your brain can say “no more of this unhealthy life – time to make a change”. What else can truly do that? Someone else? Unlikely. If someone came up to you can said “you are out of shape, and need to take better care of yourself” you might have some choice words for them.

Your own mind will always be your greatest motivator, and will risk being your biggest enemy.

Are you great at what you do? Your job? Your parenting skills? Your money skills?

But how easy is it for you to have one bad episode at work, one bad race, or one bad investment and all of a sudden you start thinking “man, I suck at this, I am terrible, this is too hard”.

You could be the greatest at your sport, and have one bad game/round/race and all of sudden start beating yourself up thinking “my days are over”.

You could raise great kids, and they make one mistake and do one dumb thing, and all of a sudden you start thinking “oh my God, what did I do wrong, am I bad at parenting?!?”

No to all of these.

It all comes down to your mindset and confidence in yourself and what you are doing.

This is the biggest factor in getting results from your training and nutrition.

Do you go into the gym, and put in half ass effort, browse Facebook between sets, and walk out of the gym without breaking a sweat? Or do you attack each set, challenge your muscles, and strive to get better every single day?

Do you approach your diet with a ho-hum attitude, and think “meh, I will just eat whatever I want and hope I get that body of my dreams”?

Or do you lay out a plan, and envision what you want to look like, to feel like, to be like – and approach it with that same intensity that you should at the gym?

Your mindset matters much more than you think, so start using it for positive goals and positive results will follow.


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Stay healthy my friends,


Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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