Is Your Healthy Diet Obsession Really Hurting You?

The other day I was at the grocery store; I saw a quite thin girl intensely reading a nutrition label on the back of a product. She held it close to her face, scoured the label up and down, made a “yikes” face, and put it back on the shelf. What was she reading? ItContinue reading “Is Your Healthy Diet Obsession Really Hurting You?”

Mindful Eating: Slow Down!

How did Thanksgiving go? I will be 100% honest with you all; I did not eat very mindfully. Mindful eating is one of the best practices that you can do to control your weight, and still enjoy foods that you like. Every time we are distracted, or rushed while eating, we tend to put moreContinue reading “Mindful Eating: Slow Down!”

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