Your Body Is Your Home

When you decide to buy your first home, is it your dream home right off the bat? Or is it a place you plan on raising your family, living within your means, and slowly building up to suit your growing needs and wants?

For most people, it is the latter. If you are fiscally responsible you buy within your means, and build and make upgrades as you can afford them.

But it is always a home. It provides a place to sleep, eat, and live  – a solid roof over your head.

This is how you should approach your fitness goals if you desire to live along and healthy life.

If you buy a home that is more than what you can afford, you are often stuck living paycheck to paycheck, considered “house poor”, and usually can’t fill your house with the a furnishings that you wish you could have (unless you are cool with running up massive credit card debt.)

Same thing goes if you approach your goals for your health with an all or nothing, fast change (weight loss or muscle gain) approach. It may start off okay, you may get some quick good results – but more times than not, you burn out and go right back to where you started.

You give up on social events because you CAN’T eat this, or drink that.

You crave the forbidden foods, you guilt yourself into EARNING food, and punish yourself for eating BAD foods.

Your health goals should be like your starter house.

You like it, but plan on making improvements over the long haul, when you can – but are always working towards those upgrades, not drowning in debt to strict fad diets, and 20 hour workout weeks.

Just like with planning upgrades to your home, life can get in the way. You may hit plateaus in your weight loss process because life gets stressful and you have to focus on other things besides fitness and nutrition related stuff.

Thats fine. That is like getting used to your home, not improving it for a few years, but not burning it to the ground either.

You always enjoy your house, you make memories along the way, but you are always working towards improvements.

Treat your body the same, and the process will be much more fun.

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Stay healthy my friends,


Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC