10 Weeks Until Summer: Week 5 Workout

Once again, summer means sleeveless shirts and our right to bare arms.

Give this simple, yet effective arm workout a try at the end of your workout, or as a quick stand alone pump sesh before hitting the beach. (You think I’m trying to be funny? I’m dead serious)

And ladies, don’t worry, this won’t make your arms look like Arnold’s any time soon, unless you are taking high dose anabolic steroids, so go heavy, and do these exercises with some intensity.

1A) Standing Dumbbell Curl – Hammer Grip to Supine 4×12 reps – one second squeeze at the top, 2 second lowering.

Start with weights by your hips, palms facing in, and rotate to palms up at the top, flex your bicep for one seconds, then lower for two seconds under total control.

1B) Banded Bicep Curl 4 x 30 seconds – explosive. Keeping your abs tight, and not rocking back and forth, curl a resistance band as fast (but controlled) as possible for 30 seconds.

Rest 45-75 seconds repeat for 4 total rounds.

2A) Banded Tricep Pressdown – 4 x 15 – one second squeeze at bottom, 2 second raise.

Just like the curls, keep the tricep under constant tension, flex hard at lockout, and control back to the stretched position.

2B) Close Grip Pushup/Close Grip Bench – 4 x 30 seconds – Set a timer for 30 seconds and rep out as many, with good form, as you can. If benching, use a weight that starts to fatigue your muscles around 10-12 reps. If you need to pause, pause at the top.

Rest 45-75 seconds repeat for 4 total rounds.

Thats it, and your arms should be burning!




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Stay healthy my friends,

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC