What’s Wrong With Body Transformation Challenges(?)


Many gym owners and trainers like to run short-term challenges under the title of “X” Week Transformation Challenge.

And many trainers or fitness experts like to rip on them because “how can you really transform your body in X weeks?” or because maybe some questionable weight loss tactics are pushed to get crazy results.

Here’s a different take: I think transformation challenges are great, HOWEVER, the approach must be correct and the mindset of the person signing up for them is the true area of concern.

What makes transformation challenges great:

They give someone a short-term goal to focus on, they can boost motivation, create greater accountability, and increase morale while done in a group or with friends. While you likely won’t totally transform your life in X weeks, you can get a great start and get the ball rolling on creating some awesome habits for a lifetime.

What makes transformation challenges not so great:

Depending on the tactics used or results promised, I’ve seen claims of 20 pounds in 6 weeks, or other super rapid weight loss promises. Truth is – this is possible. However, these results rarely last more than 1 year, and studies even have shown that 90% of people who lose weight at a rate faster than 1 pound/week on average gain it all back and then some within 5 years.

The BIGGEST Issue with Transformation Challenges…

It’s not the challenge, Transformation Challenges are AWESOME! It’s not the promises of life-changing results…it is the mindset of the individual going into the challenge thinking that this short period will truly transform their lives.

Could it lead to life-changing results? Of course! You could sign up, learn about your nutrition, exercise habits and fall in love with the process and jump-start a lifetime of healthy habits.

However; going into the challenge thinking that you can sign up for a few weeks, hit it hard, and then have your problems solved is a dangerous mindset to be in.

Having this sort of quick fix mindset will only leave you starving, grumpy (hangry), and disappointed when your challenge is over.

It is on the participant to realize that there is more to getting long-term results than a short window that is only a couple of weeks long.

This is why I prefer calling them ” X Week Jumpstart Programs/Challenges”. Right away it is implied that this is only the beginning of a process, not a life-changing event with a start and finish, and shifts the mindset to a more long-term view.

Short-term challenges are great – if you view them as part of a bigger goal. Health doesn’t have a start and end date. It is an ongoing process that needs to be committed to for life, whether or not you are doing a challenge. Use challenges to jump-start the process, but when the challenge is over, keep working towards your long-term goal – and keep chipping away at it day after day.

So if you have fallen off the wagon, are lacking motivation, or have never started and have no clue where to start – let’s get the ball rolling, and start creating those habits that will last you a lifetime. I won’t promise insane results in 8 weeks, but I will promise that you will learn a lot about nutrition, your body, and exercise – and if you take the jumpstart seriously and work at it, you will be in a much better place than you were at the start of the challenge…

With all that being said…

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Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC