How to Approach Starting a New Lifestyle: Weight Loss Programs

I have been fortunate to work for a great and very unique gym over the past 3 years, and more recently an internship at a hospital with several weight loss plans through its Comprehensive Weight Management Program. For people who have struggled with weight their whole life, or even more recently, these programs can be very beneficial in turning their life around.

However, the hardest part about changing your life for the better can be just starting. There are many reservations that people may have about starting a weight loss program, and they are very normal. The following points are my personal opinions on how to approach getting your life back on track with a weight loss program.


1) Good Things Don’t Come to Those Who Wait, But to Those Who Work

I read a variation of this on Facebook post this morning, and this is what sparked my brain to write this post. You can watch as many weight loss tv shows, read as many inspirational stories, or look up hundreds of healthy recipes, but until YOU actually make the physical choice to change your life, all this watching and reading will do nothing.

Many people see losing weight as daunting task and if they have a lot of weight to lose, this can seem impossible.

I assure you, this is not impossible. Yes, it takes time, hard work, and commitment. These are all things that signing up for a weight loss program can help with. While working for Hybrid Athletic Club, I quickly realized that this gym was different from most others. The commitment from trainers, dietitians, kitchen staff and even some of  the front desk showed 110% commitment to helping people transform their lives in a very positive way.

Finding the right program can be hard, but look for one that provides a strong support system, not negative judgement. Find a program that will hold you accountable if you struggle with working out or eating right everyday.


2) Invest in Your Health Today, So You Can Enjoy Your Wealth Tomorrow

Many people see the cost of weight loss programs, trainers, or meal plans as a financial cost.

Rather, they should view them as an investment. Sure, you could workout on your own at home or a park for free, but will you push yourself out of your comfort zone to see results? Signing up for a proven weight loss program can seem expensive at first. However, it is one of, if not, THE best investments you can make.

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If you eat out a lot, go to the coffee shop everyday, like to go out and party…think about what you spend on that. If I told you that you could take some, if not all of that money and invest it in something with a 100% guarantee of positive returns, wouldn’t you do it? Keep track of the money you spend on these things, and I promise it will add up to an amount that you could easily afford a weight loss program.

Also, the cost of being obese can be a troubling amount in itself, and this is something that only gets more expensive —> See Here

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3) There is no “start” and “finish”…Only a New Beginning

Don’t think about signing up for a program as a quick fix.. Rather, think of it as a jumpstart to a new you. Whether it is a 12 week program, or a 6 month program, it doesn’t end there. Remember, it took a while to gain and maintain, it will take a while to lose an maintain. Do not think of this as a negative thing. It can be hard making changes to your lifestyle, but once you get in the groove with the help from others, it will become second nature.

Think about when you started, or helped your kids start brushing their teeth. At first it seemed like such a chore, day after day, morning and night, such a pain. After a while, it became second nature, and now (hopefully) you do it 2-3 times a day everyday without even thinking twice.

After the program ends, you may be able to self-motivate yourself to continue your new lifestyle or you might need some more accountability and support. Either way, don’t think of it as “the end”. Sign up for group exercise classes, bootcamps, zumba, whatever you are into.


If you find yourself slipping into old bad habits, this is normal. Stop as soon as possible, and think about all the hard work you put in to get where you are. Think about what worked to keep to on track before, and go back to it.

Starting a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming, take it one step at a time. 

  1. Find the right program for you. Look for a program that will hold you accountable, provide support, and motivation.
  2. Look at it as an investment, not a burdensome cost. Write down what you spend weekly/monthly/yearly on things like fast food, coffee, eating out, new shoes, drinks, etc. and see how that compares to weight loss programs in your area.
  3. Think of it as a beginning to a new you, not a start and finish.
  4. Now get up, and start Step 1!

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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