How to Salvage Even the Worst of Diet Days

Starting off, I know this post might ruffle some feathers because I still will be talking about eating processed and fast food. By no way do I think any of these foods are the best choice to be eating; however, we have ALL had that day where all our plans go to $#!t and weContinue reading “How to Salvage Even the Worst of Diet Days”

How to Approach Starting a New Lifestyle: Weight Loss Programs

I have been fortunate to work for a great and very unique gym over the past 3 years, and more recently an internship at a hospital with several weight loss plans through its Comprehensive Weight Management Program. For people who have struggled with weight their whole life, or even more recently, these programs can be veryContinue reading “How to Approach Starting a New Lifestyle: Weight Loss Programs”

Overweight or Obese? It Will Cost You More Than Your Health…

“Being healthy is expensive!”   Not so fast my friend, being unhealthy may be putting a much larger dent in your wallet (both physically and figuratively I suppose)   The health cost of being overweight or obese is widely known throughout the United States, especially among health professionals. Many chronic illnesses and issues such asContinue reading “Overweight or Obese? It Will Cost You More Than Your Health…”

SNAP Challenge: Summary

First things first, I want to note that yes, I did not do a full 7 days of eating, but I can promise that I had plenty of food left at the end of day 6 to make it through one more day. The reason I did not complete the final day was because unfortunately IContinue reading “SNAP Challenge: Summary”

SNAP Challenge – Day 6: Dinner and Final

Unfortunately, I have come down with a wicked cold, possibly the flu. I woke up this morning with an even worse sore throat. Since this my last day, I will stick it out an finish it up. MY dinner last night was 2 tilapia filets, and 1 medium sweet potato. It was pretty basic prep. I justContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 6: Dinner and Final”

SNAP Challenge – Day 6: Breakfast and Lunch

Day 6 started pretty standard, nothing exciting here… 3 eggs, 1 cup veggies, 1/2 cup dry oats. Stats: Prep Time: 6 minutes Calories: 397 Carbs: 37 grams Fat: 17 grams Protein 25 grams In between breakfast and lunch, I got my 2 servings of fruit in. Had one banana at 10AM, and an orange after myContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 6: Breakfast and Lunch”

SNAP Challenge Day 5: Lunch and Dinner

On Friday, I ended up going back home for the weekend, but was stil able to eat according to my SNAP foods. Before hitting the road on Friday, I had 1 cup quinoa, and 1 cup red kidney beans. When I got home for dinner, we were actually having fish, brocoli and rice. Pretty standard meal forContinue reading “SNAP Challenge Day 5: Lunch and Dinner”

SNAP Challenge – Day 4: Dinner

Dinner tonight was pretty big since I lifted legs today. Traditionally this is the day that I eat almost everything and everything that I want. The legs obviously contain the largest muscles in the body and thus demanding the most nutrients for adequate recovery/growth. I pretty much just threw a bunch of stuff on aContinue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 4: Dinner”

SNAP Challenge: Day 4 – Breakfast and Lunch

Pretty standard breakfast today, 2 eggs, 2 whites, 3/4 cup oats, 1 cup mixed veggies, and water. I figure no picture is needed since there already are 2 pics of the breakfast of champions on here. Stats: Prep Time: 5 minutes Calories: 438 Carbs: 51 grams Fat: 13 grams Protein: 32 grams   My early snack wasContinue reading “SNAP Challenge: Day 4 – Breakfast and Lunch”

SNAP Challenge – Day 3: Dinner and Final

For dinner tonight I went with the classic tilapia, 1 cup brocoli, 1 cup brown rice (I prepared 2 cups of dry rice earlier). I decided to pan-sear the fish this time with a little garlic and lemon-pepper seasoning. Turned out a little better than the microwaved stuff from Monday.   Dinner Stats: Calories: 351 Carbs:Continue reading “SNAP Challenge – Day 3: Dinner and Final”