More Leads to Less


So many “diet” programs and gurus want to tell you what you CAN’T EAT, and what you MUST EAT to successfully live your life and lose your belly…

Well screw them.

We are all adults and we can choose what we want to eat, and if done responsibly as an adult, we can definitely make tons of progress and get the results we are after.

Here are the basics of eating like an adult:

  1. Add MORE vegetables and fruits

  2. Add MORE lean protein

  3. Add MORE water

Yup, I’m more about adding in foods rather than telling you what you need to take away.


Because over time when you truly focus on adding more of these options, they will naturally phase out all the junk food that you might eat at most meals – but you could still have it once in a while.

1. Add More Vegetables and Fruit

I think we can all agree that vegetables are good for you. But what about fruit? Apparently some people still think fruit makes you fat!

Fruit is great for you, and you should be eating it.

What makes you fat? Too many calories – so sure, too much fruit COULD stall your weight loss…but I’m willing to bet there are other areas in the diet we could address first.

Here are some ROUGH numbers on different portions of fruits and the calories in them:

Notice that the super healthy and trendy avocado is at the bottom. containing about 280 calories per avocado?? Avocados are super healthy, yet they DO contain a lot of calories – and calories always matter.

2. Add more lean protein

I probably write about protein whey to much, but it still needs to be preached.

If you have less than 20 pounds to lose, shoot for 1 gram/pound of body weight.

If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, shoot for .7-8grams/pound of body weight.

(these are not set in stone numbers, but just suggestions – my one on one clients get much more personal numbers)

If there is anything that you SHOULD be tracking, it’s your protein intake. Try it like this:

Using MyFitnessPal, enter only your high protein foods for the day, and see where you are at, then adjust from there if you need to. It may look like this:

So after entering this, I hit 172 grams out of my 205 gram goal. That is great, because after adding in my carb sources, and fat sources I will probably be very close to hitting 205 grams of protein.

3. Add More Water

Simple, and basic – just drink more water, and drink mostly water.

The number of calories you can consume through liquids is insane, and you might never even notice it.

Someone who drinks 2 sodas a day (lets say cans) consumes 300 calories. Cut that out and replace it with water, without changing ANYTHING else, and you will lose weight. Simple and effortless.


Just move more. Not more cardio, but just more movement.

How many steps do you get a day? Get 10,000. Seriously – just do it.


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Stay healthy my friends,


Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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