Two Vacations, Two Different Results

HAPPY 4th of JULY! After getting back from my week cruise to Alaska, I was back at it Monday morning. One of my clients was also on vacation the entire week that I was gone – in Italy. He was curious to see how he did while being gone for a week, and he steppedContinue reading “Two Vacations, Two Different Results”

Are You A Weekend Saboteur?

  You are trying your hardest to eat healthily. You eat super “clean” all week. You eat a caloric deficit. You do your workouts. THEN Friday night arrives along with the weekend. You overeat on whatever you want. You drink plenty of alcohol. You sit on your ass all weekend. When Monday comes, you areContinue reading “Are You A Weekend Saboteur?”

4 “Hacks” To Save Time, and Make Tracking Food Easier

Whether or not you use something to track your food, I’m sure you could use some extra time in the day – so don’t rule these tips out just yet! The number one objection I hear to not being able to track food using an app like MyFitnessPal is “I don’t have time”. While theContinue reading “4 “Hacks” To Save Time, and Make Tracking Food Easier”

More Leads to Less

  So many “diet” programs and gurus want to tell you what you CAN’T EAT, and what you MUST EAT to successfully live your life and lose your belly… Well screw them. We are all adults and we can choose what we want to eat, and if done responsibly as an adult, we can definitelyContinue reading “More Leads to Less”

Fill Up Your Diet With Filling Foods

Do you track your calories and always struggle to stay within your goals? Find that you are hitting your max caloric intake too soon and you still feel starving? You may need to take a look at your food QUALITY and how satiating your current diet is. Satiation, or fullness, is an important physical factorContinue reading “Fill Up Your Diet With Filling Foods”

5 Foods to ALWAYS Have In Your Home

It’s 7pm. You just finished dinner an hour ago, and you are still hungry! Are you? Maybe you are stressed, pissed off, bored, or just tired? Or maybe you had a skimpy breakfast, missed lunch, and had a light dinner on the go. Maybe you are hungry. If you reflect on you day, and comeContinue reading “5 Foods to ALWAYS Have In Your Home”