Short Term Pleasure; Long Term Pain…

Recently I was listening to a fantastic podcast from my friends at Relentless Dietetics –> http://relentless-show.libsyn.com/rss

In their most recent episode they were discussing higher level thinking – how as humans we can think and plan for long term, where as animals, live in the now and literally only react to what is currently happening, and don’t necessarily do things in the current time while thinking about how that will impact future.

Which brings up the point of “short term pleasure; long term pain” or vice versa “short term pain; long term pleasure”

The word ‘pain’ does not need to be actually PAINFUL, but it might be the thing you don’t really want to do, or the less desirable of two or three options…

When it comes to being fit, exercising or taking care of your body – its easy to choose short term pleasure by skipping the gym, sleeping in –  skipping the gym, and going out to the bars – even deciding to take the elevator; instead of the stairs…

You consistently choose the easier, more “pleasurable”, more compelling, more mainstream frankly, and more average choice – you are likely to find yourself in the long term “pain” bucket.

Pain in this case being – not happy with how you feel, not happy with how you look, not confident, always thinking that you are a failure – these may sound harsh, but they are all things that I have unfortunately heard.

How about short term “pain” for long term pleasure in regards to fitness/activity/etc?

Going to the gym consistently – not always what we want to do.

Tracking workouts and progress – not what we always want to do.

Taking the stairs – not what we always want to do.

Walking to the grocery store that is 4 blocks away – not what I always want to do 🙂

All things that in the short term might not be the easiest or most pleasurable choice…but they will lead to the long term pleasure of feeling good, being confident in how you look, and living a longer an healthier life.

How about when it comes to nutrition? This is where it gets a little harsh sounding…

Short term pleasure; eating whatever the hell you want. Drinking however the hell you want. Mindlessly eating and not being aware of what you put in your body day to day…etc…

If this is what you have always done, it will lead to what you have always had.

Am I saying that you need to start suffering and eating like a bodybuilder day after day? Nope. It’s really doesn’t have to be THAT painful. Same thing goes for fad diets. When you yo-yo from one extreme to another, you are usually getting SO much short term pain, with the shiny promise of long term pleasure, but is it really worth it? Does it REALLY work??

So what will constitute as reasonable short term pain for long term pleasure?

Learning about food and how much you are currently eating – not the most exciting…

Tracking your calories – but it takes time…

Passing on seconds after dinner because you know you are full, and you know that you are at your goal for the day – very hard

Doing these things might not be ideal in the moment, but what you will gain long term is much much greater than any short term option you can choose.

But here’s the deal – you don’t ALWAYS need to choose short term pain for long term pleasure – you just need to be aware of what you are choosing, and have realistic expectations about how you plan to feel afterwards.

This is where I cannot stress enough about how cool tracking your food is. This has essentially allowed myself and many clients to enjoy short term pleasure, for long term pleasure…ooooo,ahhhhhh…

How do you mean? More on this another time – but I have already touched on the topic before. –> https://mgfitlife.com/2017/02/16/how-to-eat-girl-scout-cookies-and-stay-on-track-with-your-goals/

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Stay healthy my friends,

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC