Is This Your Year?


Happy 2018! We made it!

Every year people come up with New Years resolutions, and every year, people give up or fail those resolutions fairly quickly.

So what will you do to be different? Will this be your year to make the changes you have been talking about for years? Or finally commit to something you have been thinking about for all of 2017, but never pulled the trigger on it?

Whatever your goals or resolutions may be; great, keep them – but if you say you’re going to do something, I hope you have enough respect for yourself to do it. Don’t lie to yourself about what you are going to do, and actually take some action this year.

So how can you make it easier on yourself?

Here’s the thing, people love easy. They want easy. Yet many resolutions they set are not easy. Losing weight that you have put on over the course of 20 years of self sabotage and neglectful bad habits and lifestyle choices…

That is a hard challenge! But it can be done.

However – it IS simple.

Simple doesn’t equal Easy

Instead of moaning about how hard it is, and how easy you wish it was – take a look at how complex and daunting you are making it, and simplify it down to simple, manageable, and small steps.

Think about the hardest math class you ever took (Calc 2?). Did you start in that class from day one of learning math? No. You learned the basics at a young age and built upon it over years and years of practice and learning.

Same goes with any big New Years goal. You have to start from the basics.

Right now with the New Year motivation being strong you might feel like you can tackle all these things at once, and get to the gym 7 days per week, and measure out every gram of rice and chicken you bulk prep over the weekend…but then once the shiny luster of the New Year wears away, and real life kicks you in the face…now what?

  1. Start simple.
  2. Pick one thing each day.
  3. Write it out.
  4. Cross it off when you accomplish it.
  5. Do it again the next day.
  6. And the next… until you have a chain of “x”s lining your paper or calendar…now don’t let that chain break! (this is what Jerry Seinfeld did with writing jokes, seriously – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231023)

So pick your one thing, focus on it – build on it, and progress through 2018 like a boss!


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Stay healthy my friends,

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC