Strength Training Is The Secret Weapon as We Age


Want to prevent aging? Then fight gravity.

Gravity is the one physical force that we can do nothing to fully stop, but we can fight it – with muscle.

Gravity, as we age, pulls things downward, it compresses our joints into pain, it leads to pressure, and aches, and pains.

And the one thing that most people gravitate towards as they age, only makes it worse – cardio.

(this idea is borrowed and paraphrased from my friend Alexander Cortes)

SO many people still think we NEED MORE CARDIO to lose weight and to burn more calories because their little devices on their wrists TELL THEM that cardio burns more calories.

What your calorie trackers and heart rate monitors don’t tell you is the  negative metabolic effects from trying to cardio your fat off. Or the physical stress being crushed into your joints. Or the slow decline in muscle mass you are acquiring as you age – which in turn lowers your metabolic rate even more – and makes fat loss even harder.Related image

So instead of listening to a little $99 dollar tool on your wrist, hear me out.

Whats the number one way to lose WEIGHT? Eat less. Got it.

Whats the number one way to lose FAT, and PRESERVE or GAIN MUSCLE. Eat just a little less and STRENGTH TRAIN.

Studies have shown no difference in WEIGHT LOSS between cardio and strength training groups – however the strength training group gained more muscle, and burned more fat – but their weight remained the same – I think most people would be cool with that.

What I tell a lot of my clients who start strength training – the scale might not budge at first, but it always does if you are consistent. Image result for jack lalanne

As you create muscle, it increases your resting metabolic rate, which helps your body burn more fat – and thus helps prevent fat gain in the future. Muscle loss as we age is one of the biggest culprits in slowed metabolism.

Building muscle also helps greatly with bone and joint health as we age – and osteoporosis is one of the top women’s health issue as they age. Strictly running or cardio-ing doesn’t lead to the same developments in connective and structural issue as strength training.

So if you are into cardio – it’s okay – but make sure you are coupling it with strength training.

Okay, so how do we best approach strength training to fight gravity?

A planned out, progressive based, weight training program.

The weights must eventually get challenging at some point in the workout. If you are always grabbing the lightest weights, and just going through the motions, this won’t work.

If you are trying to lift the weights you did in your glory days, and swinging them up with your lower back – this also won’t work. Find a happy medium.

Studies have been done on people anywhere from 18 into the 70’s, and they all found that no matter your age, you can gain fat burning muscle tissue with a progressive based strength training program.

Track your weights, work multiple muscle groups, from multiple angles, and always be trying to improve with one more rep, or 1 more pound – and over time you will see changes.

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Stay healthy my friends,

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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