How To Actually Get Things Done

Ive been writing about goals and mindset a lot lately, mostly because after working in the industry for almost a decade now, I have found that to be the biggest challenge for most people. Most people know they need to workout/be more active. Most people know what to eat more of and what to eatContinue reading “How To Actually Get Things Done”

UnMiked: Book Review – How to Win Friends and Influence People

The book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, has come highly recommended to me by several clients, and is often cited as a “must read” by many high level, successful people in the fitness industry. Naturally, I decided I had to read it. I found this book VERY insightful and VERY relatable. Essentially the bookContinue reading “UnMiked: Book Review – How to Win Friends and Influence People”

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