***5 SECRET TIPS for Weight Loss***

  How about that for a click-bait title? You clicked it, didn’t you? Now that you are here PLEASE continue reading. There are no secrets to weight loss. There are NONE. Everything you need to know is already out there (among lots of other BS). It’s on the internet, in books, and being taught byContinue reading “***5 SECRET TIPS for Weight Loss***”

Ladies – Focus On Adding, Not Losing

  When was the last time you saw a magazine, commercial or ad that said that?!?! Seems like everything targeted towards women is telling them that they need to lose fat, or get toned, or eat less…all negatives. What if those magazines were re-worded and said: “Ladies – Right Now, You Suck – So YouContinue reading “Ladies – Focus On Adding, Not Losing”

What We All Can Learn From Zach

Sept 7, 2013… “Hi Mike, I am looking for a personal trainer/health coach for my brother, Zach. Zach has Down Syndrome, an underactive thyroid, and is extremely overweight. He is borderline glucose intolerant. […. ] Now I would like to really get serious and hire someone to work one-on-one with Zach. I would like thisContinue reading “What We All Can Learn From Zach”

Own Your Day, Own Your Life – It’s Only Up to YOU

  Closer or further? These are the two ways you can travel when trying to reach a goal. There is no in between. Every single point in time has at least 2 different paths you can take from that moment, and so on and so on. For example, let’s look at some options for myContinue reading “Own Your Day, Own Your Life – It’s Only Up to YOU”

Why Training To Have a Nice Body Isn’t Shallow

  “I want to look like [insert athlete/celebrity name here]” “I want to have a six pack/flat stomach/ripped arms” There is nothing wrong with having these as aspirations. “But Mike, training for vanity is shallow and self centered!” Hell yes it is, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! It’s YOUR body, you canContinue reading “Why Training To Have a Nice Body Isn’t Shallow”

So…You Already FAILED at Your New Years Resolutions?

If that title resonated with you, then we already know your problem – your mindset. Its only a few weeks into the New Year, no matter what you have or have not done, you definitely haven’t failed. Your mindset is EVERYTHING, and it takes work but you can easily switch it around. Self talk, motivation,Continue reading “So…You Already FAILED at Your New Years Resolutions?”

Effort, Consistency, Sacrifice – You Cannot Deny the Truth

Throughout life, from the very day we are born, we want things. We want to eat, we want to crawl, we want to walk. Later as children we want to ride a bike, or learn an instrument, or play a sport. Into adulthood we want to learn, and improve a specific task so we can goContinue reading “Effort, Consistency, Sacrifice – You Cannot Deny the Truth”

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