5 Common Sense (But Often Ignored) Ways to Reduce Your Calories

Before you seek out the latest fad diet, supplement, or 21-Day-Cleanse program (for the 5th time this year), consider that the answers that might be right in front of you. The solution to your problem may not be “try something new” – it might be “pay attention to your current self”.

3 Reasons Why Your 1200 Calories is Really 2400

“I’m trying to eat 1200 calories a day, and I still can’t lose weight!” Raise your hand if you have heard this, said this, or read this before. We all have. Somewhere, someone came up with 1200 as the magic number to lose weight – especially for women!

Hey Friend, Long Time No Talk…

This is usually how these conversations start. Before you know it, your long lost “friend” is inviting you to a new 30-day challenge that also requires you to buy hundreds of dollars worth of supplements. Are MLM supplements healthy, necessary, and good quality? And do they really work? Let’s dive in…

How The $#%@ am I Supposed to Eat That Much Protein?!?

I’ve written about the importance of protein for everyone, and that I recommend (along with MANY other well-respected professionals) getting 1 gram per pound of lean mass to .8-1 gram per pound per day. For many people, this seems like a lot, and it can be. So here are some ideas on how you canContinue reading “How The $#%@ am I Supposed to Eat That Much Protein?!?”

Protein Powders 101: Not Just For Meat Head Bros

  Protein powders are everywhere, and they are a HUGE market for the fitness population – especially the guys looking to make all the big gainz. However, protein powders can be very beneficial for everyone, even if you aren’t trying to grow 22-inch pythons. Now let me preface the rest of this post with this;Continue reading “Protein Powders 101: Not Just For Meat Head Bros”

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