5 Common Sense (But Often Ignored) Ways to Reduce Your Calories

Before you seek out the latest fad diet, supplement, or 21-Day-Cleanse program (for the 5th time this year), consider that the answers that might be right in front of you. The solution to your problem may not be “try something new” – it might be “pay attention to your current self”.

3 Reasons Why Your 1200 Calories is Really 2400

“I’m trying to eat 1200 calories a day, and I still can’t lose weight!” Raise your hand if you have heard this, said this, or read this before. We all have. Somewhere, someone came up with 1200 as the magic number to lose weight – especially for women!

Hey Friend, Long Time No Talk…

This is usually how these conversations start. Before you know it, your long lost “friend” is inviting you to a new 30-day challenge that also requires you to buy hundreds of dollars worth of supplements. Are MLM supplements healthy, necessary, and good quality? And do they really work? Let’s dive in…

Vacation. It’s supposed to be a time to relax, enjoy, and unwind. But to some people, the thought of being in a new environment, off their routine, and surrounded by epic foods and drinks can bring upon the stress of losing gains, and gaining pounds.

How to Avoid Regression During Time Away From the Gym

  Whether it is going on vacation or a serious injury that pops up, time away from your workouts is inevitable (and in the case of vacations, totally needed and deserved). If you are someone who as worked your butt off for a vacation and are totally freaking out because you don’t want to loseContinue reading “How to Avoid Regression During Time Away From the Gym”

How to Survive a Long Weekend Food Fest, and Still Enjoy Yourself

Overview: Portions still matter, calories still matter Maintain healthy eating patterns Be active, however you can Return to your routine as soon as the trip is over Enjoy your vacation guilt free Reuben Sandwich with fries, authentic Mexican fajitas + 20 oz. margarita, Denny’s Grand Slam* and Gino’s East – Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza.Continue reading “How to Survive a Long Weekend Food Fest, and Still Enjoy Yourself”

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