What Exercise Did For Me, And Why it Matters

A few years ago, I had the chance to work with one of my clients grandkids. They were visiting town for a couple of weeks and I told her to bring them to her sessions. The boys came in the gym for the first time and sat on the bench with their heads down, quiet,Continue reading “What Exercise Did For Me, And Why it Matters”

You Don’t Lose Fat in the Gym

Yep. Here is a trainer, someone who puts food on the table by helping people work out at the gym. Have I lost my mind? What’s more important for fat loss? Nutrition. 100% of the time. It’s not that exercise doesn’t matter at all, but exercise is the simple part. Nutrition is 100% responsible forContinue reading “You Don’t Lose Fat in the Gym”

29 Tricks to Improving Your Health

Look, none of these are really tricks, but they may be some things that you never thought of trying when it comes to creating a healthier life. Will these work for everyone? Nope. Will they make sense for everyone? Nope – but read through these quick hitters and maybe you will pick up on somethingContinue reading “29 Tricks to Improving Your Health”

5 Simple Fixes to a Healthier Life That Take 10 Minutes or Less

We all want quick fixes right? Truth is – quick-fix promises hardly pan out to work for the long haul. It takes time, consistency, and managing the inevitable ups and downs. However, there are many “simple” changes that you can make to your day that will lead to a healthier life, and take minimal effort.Continue reading “5 Simple Fixes to a Healthier Life That Take 10 Minutes or Less”

Stress Will Get You, One Way or Another

For those of you on the insider’s email list, you know that I sent out a newsletter this week about balancing your stress with decompression/destress activities. For those of you NOT on the insider’s email list, what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP for Insider’s Newsletters every Tuesday. I got an awesomeContinue reading “Stress Will Get You, One Way or Another”

Good Things Come To Those With Patience and Consistency

We live in a “what can you do for me now?” society. We want things done now, finish lines met, and dream bodies and lives in 6 weeks or less. It always blows my mind that these “21 Day”, “6 Week Transformations” or “4-minute workouts” keep selling – but it shouldn’t surprise anyone. These products andContinue reading “Good Things Come To Those With Patience and Consistency”

More Exercise Doesn’t Mean More Results

Exercise, Physical Activity, Training, Working Out, Getting Your Fitness On….or whatever you like to call it is great for you. Here is what makes it so great: Major benefits of exercise in general: Improved heart/blood health Improved mood Improved coordination Improved blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol Direct major benefits of pure cardio exercise:Continue reading “More Exercise Doesn’t Mean More Results”

Nutrition Isn’t All About Numbers

***This was recently sent out as a newsletter to my subscribers, but I felt that it was worth sharing with more people*** You may hear me talk a lot about calories in, calories out, macros, grams, blah blah blah… Truth is, that stuff does matter. However – for some, it might not be the rightContinue reading “Nutrition Isn’t All About Numbers”

Help Isn’t For Losers

So many people try to go at it alone. Too prideful, too embarrassed, or even too thick-skulled to reach out for help – with anything. Thing is, we are meant to help each other. We are meant to work together. We are meant to use resources from others who may have a different skillset thanContinue reading “Help Isn’t For Losers”

Staying on Track Through The “Tough” Times

I put tough in quotes because everyone’s “tough” will be different. This could be anything from something that most might think is minor, or something extremely stressful…it is what you make of it. Let me know if you’ve been here before. Decide to make a change, maybe lose some weight, start pumping iron – andContinue reading “Staying on Track Through The “Tough” Times”

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