Your Fad Diet is Invalid

Going on a juice cleanse to reset your metabolism?

Going on a ketogenic fast of only eggs, butter, and cheese to break through that stubborn plateau?

Ripping shots of Apple Cider Vinegar to boost your metabolism?

Here’s the thing, all of these can “work“, but not the way most people think.

An ultra low-calorie juice cleanse doesn’t reset your metabolism, it actually could to the opposite and slow it down.

(when you starve yourself of protein, and massive amounts of calories for prolonged periods of time, your metabolic rate will slow down)

You lose weight because you cut out calories from protein and fat and just drink fruits and veggies all day. Newsflash: I would lose insane amounts of weight on a 1000 calorie juice cleanse – I would also last about 8 hours on it….

You cut out carbs and went full keto and melted fat away like a champ? Did you replace all your calories that you cut from carbs? If you didn’t, your argument is invalid. Here’s what this scenario usually looks like:

Pre Diet Intake

3000 calories – 320 grams carbs – 205 grams protein – 105 grams fat

Cut Carbs Because Carbs Are the Devil

50 grams of carbs – 205 grams of protein – 105 grams of fat…. = 1965 calories!

OF COURSE YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! But you cannot justifiably say that it was the carbs because you didn’t completely replace the calories.

Even if you DOUBLE up on fat grams (210 grams) – you are still only hitting 2910 calories, so technically a very little less – but still less cals.

Calories matter, plain and simple.

What about stuff like apple cider vinegar? Or fat melting pills?

I had a conversation with a guy at a cookout the other weekend about how his ex girlfriend “started taking apple cider vinegar shots after meals at lost 20 pounds!”

I asked him, “did she change ANYTHING else?”

“Well I think she started eating healthier and going to those bootcamp classes 4 times per week”

Needless to say, I highly doubt it was the ACV that was melting the fat away…

If calories are not controlled for, and there is ANY change in them – your argument of magic pills and elixirs is INVALID.

So what should your diet look like??

The best diet is the one that is sustainable and consistent (and moves you in the desired direction eventually). Different things work for different people – but the less “forced” it feels, the better it will be in the long run.

Here’s something to leave you with:

In 2008 I was 260 pounds. I am now comfortably 205 pounds, and have been there for about a year now. I finally feel comfortable with my nutrition, and my lifestyle, and things are on autopilot (for now) – 9 years later… not 21 days, 12 weeks…but 9 effing years.

You cannot expect to undo years and years of abuse to your body in an insanely short period of time.

Be patient, be consistent, and keep working forward – that is the best diet for you.

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Stay healthy my friends,

Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC