5 Foods You Should NEVER Eat While Doing These 5 Worthless and Dangerous Exercises

If you are looking for 5 terrible foods, and 5 terrible exercises, stop reading this now.

I have seen, and been sent, several of these articles posted throughout the internet. These articles can be pretty good, and some can be pretty damn bad.

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Trainer Mike says:

Many of the “5 Exercises You Should NEVER Do” articles have some great points, and great writers and coaches behind them. For example, it has become pretty common knowledge in the fitness industry that excessive lumbar flexion (old school sit-ups) could be pretty bad for your lower back and spine health. (There are even exceptions for this) Also, it is pretty well known that doing 1,000,000 ab exercises will not magically melt away belly fat.

However, I have also seen articles about how you should NEVER: squat to parallel, let your knees go over your toes, round your upper back on deadlifts, flare or feet out on squats, squat narrow, lift overhead, do slow cardio, do sprints, do arm exercises, you don’t even need ab exercises, you need to squat everyday, you should never back squat… you get the point.

I’m not gonna tell him his knees are over his toes…

The thing is, all of these scenarios MIGHT be true, they might not be. Squat depth, toe flare, knee angle, etc. all depends on the individuals anatomical structure. Everyone squats different, there is no ONE way. Click Here for Some Great Tips via Dr. John Rusin. 

It is more important to find what is right for YOU, not what an internet guru tells you is right for you. There is a time and place for everything in your workouts if they are right for YOUR goals, and right for your body.

Also, what do you enjoy doing? What you enjoy doing is what you will most likely continue doing. A well rounded fitness program is going to include most elements of fitness, but your program may include (infinitely) more running than mine, because thats what you love, and running is not my thing.

Internet guru Tracy Anderson once said women should never lift more that 3 pounds, or they will get bulky…be careful Tracy, he might be a little over 3 lbs!


So before you completely stop what you are doing because one guru online told you that you SHOULD NEVER DO ______, get a second opinion from another professional. In the end, always be weary of strong superlatives.

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Dietitian Mike Says:

The “5 Foods You Should NEVER Eat” Articles are even worse than the exercise articles. They are full of scare tactics and fear mongering.

There are some pretty obvious foods that aren’t very good for you, but to say you should NEVER eat them is the start of a vicious circle of fad and yoyo dieting, or the potential for an eating disorder.

For most people looking to get in better shape, following a 80/20 principle will be just enough. 80 percent of what you eat should be food that is good for your body, and in appropriate portions. 20 percent can be those “forbidden” foods, or maybe the occasional trip to the buffet. This DOES NOT mean you can get away with overeating and pounding endless food 20% of the week – portion control is still key.

This will keep you sane, keep you on track, and keep you feeling good. When it comes to weight loss calories are king (I have maybe said that a few times before), and there have been people who have lost weight on diet made of fast and junk food – because of a caloric deficit. Granted, their intestines might not have felt the best, and we don’t know the long term effects of 90 days of McDonalds…but thats a different story.

For example, I have creamer in my coffee right now while writing this. Why? Because I like creamer in my coffee on weekends, back off. My breakfast was 3 scrambled eggs and 3 lean sausage links. Pretty typical for me on a low-key Sunday morning on the couch.

Rather than banishing certain foods from your life completely (because let’s be honest, if you ban cookies, you will probably end up eating a full sleeve soon enough), look at your portions and quality of your overall diet.

There are plenty of junk foods in grocery stores, but to say you can NEVER have them and still reach your goals is ridiculous.

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Stay healthy my friends,


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