How Do You Deal With Stress Through Fitness?

Stress is a normal part of being human. Sometimes we have little, sometimes we have more than any person should ever have to go through. Sometimes it can feel as if the world is coming to an end. Stress is here, stress will always be here. Many things that stress us out are out ofContinue reading “How Do You Deal With Stress Through Fitness?”

Training is More Than Soreness and Sweat

Your alarm sounds. Already? Maybe just one snooze… No, what must be done, will be done. You roll out of bed, the sun just barely rising up. The birds are chirping in the backyard, but besides them, not many others are up at this time. So why are you?

Why Meal Plans Don’t Work, and What To Do…

I used to make meal plans. Hand them out. Expect results. Get puzzled. Repeat. But…it never happened. And with speaking with multiple other nutrition coaches, and dietitians, they all said the same thing. Meal plans sound great in theory. Just eat this EXACT plan and you will get results. If they are made properly andContinue reading “Why Meal Plans Don’t Work, and What To Do…”

Do I Need to Track Food Forever?

I get this question a lot. “You always talk about tracking food, do I need to do that forever?” Short answer, NO. I recommend everyone tracks their food at some point though. Not because it is the only way to see results, but because most people have NO clue what they eat, how much theyContinue reading “Do I Need to Track Food Forever?”

All You Need to Get Killer Fat Burning and Muscle Building Workouts

In the world of SO many options for fitness equipment, machines, gadgets, gizmos, inflatable surfaces, banded contraptions, and thingamabobs…we forget about the OG’s, the original gainers, of the gym. I’m talking about the iron. More specifically, the dumbbell. Because even the barbell has made a comeback of sorts – well, for hardcore gym goers itContinue reading “All You Need to Get Killer Fat Burning and Muscle Building Workouts”

Starting Strength Training From Absolute ZERO (Video Guides)

Strength training is growing in popularity among average Joe’s and Jane’s, which is friggin awesome! I write about it’s importance all the time, and how it is literally the fountain of youth (when done correctly). But what if you have absolutely no experience, are afraid, or have zero clue where to start and what toContinue reading “Starting Strength Training From Absolute ZERO (Video Guides)”

5 MORE Quick Calorie Cuts

For the first article click here: https://mgfitlife.com/2017/02/28/5-quick-calorie-cuts/ Still looking for more tips and tricks to cut back on those calories huh? Well, just remember that if you aren’t consistent with your day to day intake, these “simple” cuts won’t make much of a dent, but they could help you get started. 1. When eating out, NEVERContinue reading “5 MORE Quick Calorie Cuts”

What is Carb Cycling?

The skinny on carbs. Carbs are everywhere. We hear about them being bad, we hear about them causing all of our problems. But do they really? The truth is, they are not inherently bad. In America we tend to eat more of the processed, junk carbs than anywhere else in the world – and onContinue reading “What is Carb Cycling?”

When It Comes To Workouts, Stop Chasing a Feeling

  I, and many others in the industry have said it before, ANYONE can make you super sweaty and feel like puking during a workout. It’s really not hard. Run 50 sprints, do 100 burpees then jump up and down on a box 50 times (PLEASE DONT ACTUALLY DO THIS) – and you will probablyContinue reading “When It Comes To Workouts, Stop Chasing a Feeling”

Ladies, Don’t Let Aunt Flo Hold You Back

While this might be one of the more obscure posts I write, it may also be one of the most important. The female menstrual cycle is a very serious thing, and in fact, can have a huge effect on women’s bodies, their minds, and their overall well being. You might be saying right about now,Continue reading “Ladies, Don’t Let Aunt Flo Hold You Back”