8 Ways To Prevent Getting Sick


Now, these are not guaranteed to keep you from ever getting sick, but they should hopefully increase your chances of making it through winter with minimal damage.

The irony is that I thought of this post this weekend, and as I write this, I feel like I have something coming on in the form of a little winter cold…oh well, must be karma.

1) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

You can never get enough water, but especially in winter many people actually drink less because of the temperatures not being hot. However, you actually tend to lose MORE body water in the the cold winters  – so make sure you are drinking more water than you think you need.

2) Eat Your Fatty Fish

We should all know, Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are awesome for anti-inflammatory properties and may help keep your immune system strong. Eating salmon twice per week is great and all, but for most of us that isn’t a realistic option – so consider getting a Omega-3 supplement –> http://amzn.to/2kq9VyY

3) Get Your Vitamin D

This might be the most underrated and under appreciated vitamin out there. In Wisconsin, we don’t see the sun nearly enough to produce enough vitamin D, and most of us don’t get nearly enough through the diet. What is enough? I recommend everyone who experiences cold, dark winters take 5000 IU D3 per day.

Order this now if you don’t take it –> http://amzn.to/2kraKYx

4) Zinc It Up

One of the more common micronutrient deficiencies in athletes, vegetarians/vegans, and those who sweat a ton, Zinc is crucial for proper immune function.

Zinc has two standard dosages. The low dosage is 5-10mg, while the high dosage is 25-45mg. The low dose works well as a daily preventative, while the high dosage should be taken by anyone at risk for a zinc deficiency.

For a great overall supplement, I recommend ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium and Vit B6)

-> http://amzn.to/2l2E6jY

5) Garlic is the Herb For You

A study in the journal Advances in Therapy found that people who took garlic supplements for 12 weeks between November and February got fewer colds than those who took a placebo. And of those who did get sick, those who took the garlic supplement felt better faster.

Don’t feel like eating a clove a day? Try this: http://amzn.to/2BeoAI4

6) Be Smart About Training

Listen to your body. If you’re feeling sick, especially in your chest, lungs or stomach, maybe you need to take a day off, hit a warm shower, and chill out for a day.

Exercising while being sick will only delay your return to optimal health, might annoy your fellow gym members who don’t want to get sick, and honestly you won’t get much out of the workout because your body is too busy fighting off the illness, it won’t be delegating many resources to your muscle repair systems.

7) Eat the Rainbow

Load up on veggies and fruits – and eat many different colors. I don’t need to preach why this is important, just know that the different colors mean many different kinds of anti-oxidants and awesome phytonutrients that will help your body.

8) Why No Mention of Vitamin C??

Vitamin C is usually the go to for the common cold – however, more and more studies have shown that taking Vitamin C does not decrease your chances of getting sick. However, once you do get sick, taking some Vitamin C may help.

So instead of waiting to get sick and pounding mega doses of Vitamin C, pay attention to the first 7 tips – and hopefully you will prevent yourself form even getting to that point!


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Stay healthy my friends,


Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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