New Years Resolutions: How To Win

Gonna keep this one short, sweet and to the point.

Every year millions of people set New Years resolutions, and fail quickly.

“I want to lose weight”

“I want to get strong”

“I want to eat better”

These are great idea, but WAY to simple!

Here is how you need to go about setting your resolutions, and don’t skip any steps.

1) Picture yourself on Dec. 31st of 2022

What do you want to feel like, to look like? Picture this person, and think about how great you will feel. Write this down.

2) Figure out WHY you want to be that way in one year. 

I want to lose weight is very general. WHY do you want to lose weight?

Better health? Better energy? Find a future spouse? Feel sexy again?

Anything – its YOUR goal, its not vain or dumb. Now whatever that reason is, ask why again.

Why do you want to be healthier, to have better energy, to find a spouse, to feel/look sexy?

Energy to play with your kids? Feel sexier to have more…confidence…? Honestly, these can be very personal answers that you don’t need to share with me – but the more personal they are, the more meaningful they will be to you!

3) Now, relook at your first generic goal and make it more definite.

Instead of “I want to lose weight” make it “I want to lose 20 pounds by next December” or instead of “I want to be stronger” say “I want to deadlift 300 pounds by next year”.

Make it measurable and put it on a timeline. 

4) Break it down into micro goals

I want to lose 20 pounds in 52 weeks can be broken into – I WILL lose 1.66 pounds every month until next year. 

Or I will increase my bench press  max by 5 pounds in 6 months.

Or I will increase my mile time by 30 seconds every quarter.

Whatever your end goal is, break it down into micro goals.

5) Look at your final goal date…and now cut it in half.

Yes, cut it in half. If you want it bad enough, you should be able to accomplish any realistic year end goal in half the time. 20 pounds in 6 months instead of 12. This is off of the idea of Parkinsons Law.

Parkinson’s law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

This is like being given 6 months to complete a 6 week project. If you are given 6 months, you are bound to let it stretch out to that time when in reality you could easily accomplish the project in 6 weeks.

Set tough goals for yourself, break them down, and commit to working towards them every single day – and you will succeed.

Some other tips to help you WIN:

  1. Write them down. Better yet, write them down and tell someone about them. Accountablity increases your chance of success!
  2. Follow trends, not single points. When it comes ot the scale, its going to bounce up and down. Track bi-weekly trends.
  3. TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS! I cannot stress this enough. You NEED to get stronger. You NEED to challenge your body. Again, this might not happen every workout or every week, but your strength should be improving if you are training properly.
  4. Simplify your diet. At least at the start, focus on whole food ingredients, cut the snacking, cut the junk, cut the empty calories, and eat enough protein. This should be enough to give 90% of you a MASSIVE head start.

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Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC