SNAP Challenge – Day 1: Pre/Post Workout

I’ll keep this one pretty simple:


My preworkout snack was a large navel orange. This provided me with about 20g of carbs before my workout.

I had a pretty intense, one hour weight lifting workout today, but I wont get into that since the focus of this program is my diet. However, I do want to quickly climb on my soapbox here and say that the general recommendation for HEALTH (not even weight loss) is 30 min of moderate intensity 5 days/ week. It is sad that many Americans dont even come close to this… I have heard every excuse in the book, so if you feel like discussing how you “dont have time for this” please send me a message or comment. 🙂


My post workout snack was a quick fix of 1/2 cup dry, whole grain pasta (cooked of course) and the other 2 oz of tuna from before, tossed with a Tbsp of olive oil and some pepper. 

Calories: 306

Carbs: 27 grams

Fat: 14 grams

Protein: 20 grams

Pre and Post-workout Snack
Pre and Post-workout Snack

ALSO TO NOTE: My weight at the gym today was 214.5 lbs (guess the cruise didnt harm me…guess I shoulda ate more)

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