SNAP Challenge – Day 3: Dinner and Final

For dinner tonight I went with the classic tilapia, 1 cup brocoli, 1 cup brown rice (I prepared 2 cups of dry rice earlier). I decided to pan-sear the fish this time with a little garlic and lemon-pepper seasoning. Turned out a little better than the microwaved stuff from Monday.



Dinner Stats:

Calories: 351

Carbs: 48 grams

Fat: 4 grams

Protein: 30 grams

I also had a snack of 1/2 cup cottage cheese just now…mmm casein protein…


Final Stats:

Calories: 1248

Carbs: 155 grams (50% of calories)

Fat: 21 grams (15% of calories)

Protein: 111 grams (35% of calories)

Cholesterol: 487 mg

Sodium: 1600 mg

Fiber: 21 grams

Even though these calories were much lower than what I wanted, and need, it makes sense because today was a non-lifting day for me. All I did was 30 minutes of light cardio, and a ton of sitting on my @$$… I never really was hungry, especially early in the day after that breakfast. It has been shown that eating most of you calories at breakfast will lead to lower consumption through out the day and successful weight loss. Along with that, eating eggs at breakfast has also been shown to lower hunger through out the day. These plus not doing my usual high intensity weight training, it makes sense that I really didn’t get hungry, even by eating about 1000 less calories than I am used to.

I am finding myself starting to miss some foods though. I would love to have a sandwich or some of my main guilty food addiction, sushi…giant-sushi-roll

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