SNAP Challenge: Summary

First things first, I want to note that yes, I did not do a full 7 days of eating, but I can promise that I had plenty of food left at the end of day 6 to make it through one more day. The reason I did not complete the final day was because unfortunately I came down with Strep Throat and was not able to eat much the last 2 days.

Some of my final thoughts on this past week of eating off of $32.00…

  1. It was hard…but very feasible
  2. It was a boring diet…but healthy
  3. My average breakfast prep time was about 7 minutes
  4. My average lunch prep time was about 4 minutes
  5. My average dinner prep time was 10 minutes

And in the end, I only lost 1 pound.

I feel like with adding a little more variety week by week, and using some foods as “carryover” foods from week to week, there would be so many more options through out the week of eating healthy. Over time, I know I have acquired many different spices, seasonings, sauces, etc. that have easily lasted me months (some spices probably close to a year….)

The biggest key in saving time when making these meals is BULK PREP. Take advantage of time that you do have to make large batches of rice, beans, quinoa, oats, etc…which will last you through out the week and can be eaten hot or cold.

I feel that with just a little more education and awareness of healthy eating on a budget, it can be done with a little perseverance and creativity…

Maybe I’ll blog one of MY “normal” eating days just to compare…once I’m back to 100%.

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