Winter can be downright depressing!

  Winter can be long in Wisconsin, depressingly long. Some of us embrace the cold more than others, but one aspect you cannot deny is that the long, bitterly cold, dark, winters, can get downright depressing. This condition is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD comes when we set the clocks back, the sunContinue reading “Winter can be downright depressing!”

Higher Omega-3’s Cause Prostate Cancer? A Closer Look

There has been a recent amount of publicity being made about a “study” that the media has taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. The media is currently saying that this study showed that men with higher Omega-3 intakes will have higher incidences of prostate cancer. However, as the media typically does with any scientificContinue reading “Higher Omega-3’s Cause Prostate Cancer? A Closer Look”

Healthy Summer Skin

We all know the importance and danger of summer sun exposure, but do we know how to maximize our diet for the best results? There are several simple rules to keeping a clean and clear complexion over the summer, even while getting that summer bronze that we all want. Our skin is actually our largestContinue reading “Healthy Summer Skin”

Supplements: Do we need them?

“What supplements do you take?” This all too common question can be heard in gyms all over the world. As a strength and conditioning coach for a very upper class high school, I got asked so many questions about what are good supplements to take and where to get them. Most of these athletes hadContinue reading “Supplements: Do we need them?”