When The Sun Ain’t Shining, We Ain’t Smiling

  As many of you may have noticed, winter is here. The cold days, the dark days, the snowy days, etc. etc. etc… How many of us will 30 minutes of unprotected, 30% exposed skin, sunlight everyday this winter? Not me. This is the recommended amount of sunlight that we need to produce enough vitaminContinue reading “When The Sun Ain’t Shining, We Ain’t Smiling”

Ladies, Lift Heavy Things!

“No woman should lift more than 3 pounds…” – Tracey Anderson (Trainer to the Stars) Okay, maybe I shouldn’t rip on her too much because she clearly trains some big names and has done something right over her career, but really? Things that weigh more than 3 pounds include: Gym bags Your purse (maybe) YourContinue reading “Ladies, Lift Heavy Things!”

Winter can be downright depressing!

  Winter can be long in Wisconsin, depressingly long. Some of us embrace the cold more than others, but one aspect you cannot deny is that the long, bitterly cold, dark, winters, can get downright depressing. This condition is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD comes when we set the clocks back, the sunContinue reading “Winter can be downright depressing!”