Ladies, Don’t Let Aunt Flo Hold You Back

While this might be one of the more obscure posts I write, it may also be one of the most important. The female menstrual cycle is a very serious thing, and in fact, can have a huge effect on women’s bodies, their minds, and their overall well being. You might be saying right about now,Continue reading “Ladies, Don’t Let Aunt Flo Hold You Back”

The 5 Stages of Sustainable Fat Loss

  The Stages to the Path of Sustainable Fat Loss: Counting Calories Counting Macros Creating a positive relationship with food Eliminating food as an emotional comfort Intuitive Eating The path to long term, sustainable fat loss, and health can be a long and winding road. There are many stops, detours, and speed bumps along theContinue reading “The 5 Stages of Sustainable Fat Loss”

Hopping and Hoping…Why They Will Get You Nowhere.

*No, I’m not talking about physically hopping up and down like a bunny. I spent this past weekend in Chicago with my wife, and some of my closest friends watching one abysmal baseball team (my Minnesota Twins), and one extremely dominant team (the Chicago Cubs). On Sunday, we weren’t in too much of a hurry toContinue reading “Hopping and Hoping…Why They Will Get You Nowhere.”

Why Quick Fixes Suck…For Long Term Results

(Sorry for the abrasive language.) Lose 10 pounds in 5 days! Take inches of your waist in ONE week! 4 minutes to Six-Pack! All things we see on the cover of magazines, infomercials, and other popular media outlets. Do these methods really work? Can you lose the weight in a matter of days? Yes* DoContinue reading “Why Quick Fixes Suck…For Long Term Results”

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