Here Comes The Buzzkill…

Store this one under the “I know what to do, but whyyyyyy?” tab… I enjoy a nice whiskey drink or 2 once in a while, I really do. I enjoy a cold beer, or several on a summer day, or at a sporting event. But here’s the deal, we need to quit lying to ourselvesContinue reading “Here Comes The Buzzkill…”

Stop Training Like a Dumb@$$

Most people live fairly sedentary lives. We sit for breakfast, we sit in the car on the way to work, we sit at work, we sit on the way home from work, then we go to the gym and train like a maniac. Jumping, hopping, burpee-ing, kettlebell swinging, and doing tons of other high intensityContinue reading “Stop Training Like a Dumb@$$”

You CAN Out Train a Bad Diet…Until You Can’t

  I’m sure you have heard it before, probably even from me – you can’t out train a bad diet. Meaning, no matter how hard you workout, your excessive exercises cannot negate a poor diet, eating too much, eating like a child all the time or even eating too little over time. Truth is, youContinue reading “You CAN Out Train a Bad Diet…Until You Can’t”

You Don’t Lack Discipline, Motivation or Willpower

You lack direction and accountability. It is a very common discussion that I have at least once per week. “I wish I had the discipline/motivation/willpower to do ______”. I get where these people are coming from, and they are not technically wrong that having more of these “things” would be beneficial – however, they are focussed onContinue reading “You Don’t Lack Discipline, Motivation or Willpower”

What’s Wrong With Body Transformation Challenges(?)

  Many gym owners and trainers like to run short-term challenges under the title of “X” Week Transformation Challenge. And many trainers or fitness experts like to rip on them because “how can you really transform your body in X weeks?” or because maybe some questionable weight loss tactics are pushed to get crazy results. Here’s aContinue reading “What’s Wrong With Body Transformation Challenges(?)”

Protein 101 – What, Why, And How Much?

  Protein; what every gym rat likes to talk about. The truth is, protein is very important for everyone looking to maximize his or her health. To keep it simple, protein is made up of the building blocks of tissue – amino acids. In addition to muscle, protein also makes up hair, skin, nails, hormones,Continue reading “Protein 101 – What, Why, And How Much?”

Sweat Out The Stress: 3 Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

  I talk a lot on here about the benefits of working out – weight training in particular – but one often ignored benefit is the power that exercise has on our emotional well being. While exercise in itself is technically a stressor (intense exercise causes elevations in cortisol, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)Continue reading “Sweat Out The Stress: 3 Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed”

Learn For Yourself, Think For Yourself, Speak For Yourself

  This weekend I saw a segment on the morning news about the investigations into Russian Troll Farms. These are the places that pump out emotionally charged, often ridiculous, social media posts, in order to sway your views, votes, and your opinion – and further divide our country. For example, from the presidential campaign: Page:Continue reading “Learn For Yourself, Think For Yourself, Speak For Yourself”

The Best “Lent Approved” Lean Protein Sources

This could be titled: the best lean protein sources that are not poultry, red meat or pork…so I hope everyone reads it whether or not you practice the season of Lent. But I had to represent for all my people out there who are struggling to know how they can keep their gains on Fridays.

The Process Must Match the Goal – Interview With Figure Pro Ariel M

“I want to look like ______” The statement gets thrown around way too often and way to “irresponsibly”. I believe that having a goal is always a great idea, but it also much be realistic. Nothing is impossible, but it might take much more than you believe. If you ask me what I would ideallyContinue reading “The Process Must Match the Goal – Interview With Figure Pro Ariel M”

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