Help! I’m Sick and Want to Stay Fit!

The season always comes and goes. Flu season, cold season, little Jimmy brought home another mysterious bug season… it happens. There is only so much we can do to prevent catching it. You CAN increase your chances of staying healthy by following a few simple, scientifically proven standards:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Limit junk food intake
  • Get consistent quality sleep
  • Be active
  • Practice good hygiene

However, even if you claim to have the most bulletproof of immune systems, sometimes viruses gonna virus, and they are gonna get their way.

Once you catch the virus, how you recover from it can be very different depending on how you treat your body.

First off, take a day off from the gym. No matter what. Yes, in the past many have said that “if it’s just a head thing, you’re fine” – but you don’t know that’s all it will be. A head thing can quickly turn into a fever, lung, and chest thing… so why chance it? Why bring it to other people?

If you are better by the next day, then great! Your one missed workout will not make a difference if you have been consistent with your fitness over the course of a year.

What if you aren’t better?

Here’s what I recommend to all my clients:

Double down on nutrition. Go radical clean freak. It may not be the foods that you crave, but force yourself to eat like the healthiest person you know. Nothing processed. Nothing junk. Get hippy with it. Eat the berries, eat the veggies, eat the organic, wild-caught salmon… put only the best of the best nutrition in your body to give your body the nutrients it needs to fight back.

There aren’t specific foods, but rather just guidelines:

  • Eat the rainbow of fruits and veggies. Diversify and consume.
  • Eat high-quality meats, adding liberal amounts of quality salt.
  • Drink only water and herbal teas.

Check out this article and list of foods – if you only eat these foods, you will be GOLDEN! You don’t like them? Suck it up and be an adult.

Second – focus on PURE recovery. The faster you can shut everything down and relax and recover, the faster that will happen. If you half-ass your way through relaxing, your body will take longer to recover. It may not be possible for some, but if you can – find a way to literally do nothing but rest, relax, nourish and recharge.

Speaking of recharge…

Get some sunlight. Even if it’s cold out. The cold air temp does not get people sick; fake news. Bundle up, but get outside and get some natural sunlight on your face. It doesn’t have to be long – but even 15 minutes can be very powerful.

If this isn’t an option, how about some fancy futuristic tech? Red light therapy is all the rage – and for good reason! Red and Near Infrared light has been shown to be crucial in stimulating the body’s immune system.

Lastly, double down on your immune supplements. Will these cure everything? No. Could they help? Yes. Could they hurt? Most likely not. So why not have a little extra in your back pocket for these situations?

Check out my recommended “immune stack” here: Immune Boosters.

If you are sick, rest up. Stay home. Don’t try to sweat it out at the gym. You won’t ruin your mojo from a day missed, or even a week missed! Double down on nutrition, double down on rest and recovery, and give yourself an accelerated chance to get back after it!

If you need help getting started, look no further than online coaching. Training and nutrition! Let me help you find the best plan for you – from anywhere in the world.

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Published by Mike Gorski

Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach OWNER OF MG FIT LIFE LLC

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