5 Nutrition Myths That Won’t Die

Eating _____ will lead to death and cause ______ and you will ______…. Nutrition is a confusing topic, as there is endless info out there, and it can be quite hard to figure out what works and what is fake. The real answer for everything nutrition-related is “it depends” because the context of the personContinue reading “5 Nutrition Myths That Won’t Die”

How Do You Deal With Stress Through Fitness?

Stress is a normal part of being human. Sometimes we have little, sometimes we have more than any person should ever have to go through. Sometimes it can feel as if the world is coming to an end. Stress is here, stress will always be here. Many things that stress us out are out ofContinue reading “How Do You Deal With Stress Through Fitness?”

How to Progress at Lifting Weights (Yes, You Need to do This)

Why does someone need to progress at lifting weights? Can’t I just “mix it up” and confuse my muscles every single day with something completely different? Sure, but it will take longer to improve specific, foundational movements that are imperative to building muscle. But why does that matter? Because muscle is great, and it keepsContinue reading “How to Progress at Lifting Weights (Yes, You Need to do This)”

If You Are Sitting Right Now, Get Up and Do These

This quick blog post is being sent to you to improve your day. Guaranteed! Yes, you that spends 10+ hours sitting all day. That little tweak in your back, twinge in your hip, can all be improved right now. Get up, and try these three exercises to stretch your hips, get your glutes fired up,Continue reading “If You Are Sitting Right Now, Get Up and Do These”

5 Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Think Of…

When it comes to weight loss, there are some things that most of us are aware of. Eat less junk food, eat more fruits and veggies, exercise more, don’t drink soda, etc. However, there are some BIG aspects of weight loss that many people tend to neglect or forget. Without taking these following 5 tipsContinue reading “5 Weight Loss Tips You Might Not Think Of…”

Two Different Transformations, Two Unnecessary Different Views…

Recently I was on my facebook account and saw a picture of one of my friends (Friend A) who is preparing for a bodybuilding show in April. He is currently cutting carbs and looking really lean. He has posted a few pictures of himself during his grueling transformation. When I was in high school withContinue reading “Two Different Transformations, Two Unnecessary Different Views…”

Do You Deadlift? You Should…

Taking a break from writing about my super fantastic interesting SNAP food challenge, I would like to take a moment to discuss the king of all lifts… the Deadlift. The deadlift got its name in ancient Rome, when soldiers were taught how to properly lift their fallen comrades up and off of the battle field.Continue reading “Do You Deadlift? You Should…”

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