What You Really Need to Succeed

What do you need to succeed – at anything? Motivation? The right environment? Discipline? I argue it is all of the above, in a cyclical fashion rather than linear.

Permission to Reduce Your Stress – 10 Ways How

By now things have had time to simmer. To sink in. Realities. Potentials. What ifs and If only’s. People are mad, scared, tired, frustrated, and are feeling forgotten – and that’s okay to feel that way. However, like any other time we need to remember to stick to the one main principle that we alwaysContinue reading “Permission to Reduce Your Stress – 10 Ways How”

The Not So Motivational Talk You Need

Whether or not you are a fan of Nike, we all need to heed their slogan a little bit more. Just. Do. It. What is this? Drill Sergeant Mike coming on strong now? No more empathy, compassion, and love? Not so fast…this is where many go wrong.

Stop Mixing Things Up in Your Workouts

  Muscle confusion isn’t real. Your muscles don’t have brains. They cannot be confused. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to do the EXACT SAME workout every single day; or every single Monday do the same upper body workout. However, weight training, like anything else that you want to get results from is aContinue reading “Stop Mixing Things Up in Your Workouts”

Conquer Your New Years Resolutions Once and For All [VIDEO]

Just about 2 weeks in to our New Years resolutions! Hope you are all sticking to them. Even better, I hope you didn’t wait until New Year to make a positive change in your life, but you started well before NYE. Check out this quick video that I made with my awesome client, and friend,Continue reading “Conquer Your New Years Resolutions Once and For All [VIDEO]”

Change Your Mindset; Never Fail Again

We are just over a week into New Years resolutions, hopefully yours is going strong – if you made one. One of mine has been to actively learn more. Through books and podcasts, I am trying to vary my learning between exercise, nutrition, and mental health/motivation education. This week I started reading Tom Venuto’s “BurnContinue reading “Change Your Mindset; Never Fail Again”

Un-Miked Friday: What Drives Me to (Help You) Succeed?

Un-Miked, like uncensored or unplugged, or something like that…oh well, I like it. Anyways, today is a shorty but a goody. I have been asked two questions numerous times: 1) How did you get into your field, and how do you keep going? and 2) How can I be successful at (weight loss, muscle gain,Continue reading “Un-Miked Friday: What Drives Me to (Help You) Succeed?”