What You Really Need to Succeed

What do you need to succeed – at anything? Motivation? The right environment? Discipline? I argue it is all of the above, in a cyclical fashion rather than linear.

Permission to Reduce Your Stress – 10 Ways How

By now things have had time to simmer. To sink in. Realities. Potentials. What ifs and If only’s. People are mad, scared, tired, frustrated, and are feeling forgotten – and that’s okay to feel that way. However, like any other time we need to remember to stick to the one main principle that we alwaysContinue reading “Permission to Reduce Your Stress – 10 Ways How”

The Not So Motivational Talk You Need

Whether or not you are a fan of Nike, we all need to heed their slogan a little bit more. Just. Do. It. What is this? Drill Sergeant Mike coming on strong now? No more empathy, compassion, and love? Not so fast…this is where many go wrong.

Throw Away Your Scale?!

We have all heard this before. Heck, I’ve probably said it before. “Don’t worry about your scale!” “throw the scale away!” “The scale is a source of pain and anguish”… But is it really time to completely throw away the scale? Or time to create a new relationship with the scale, and also add moreContinue reading “Throw Away Your Scale?!”

Things That Make the Scale Go Bump In The Night

The scale. Friend of few, the enemy of many. The scale tells us one thing. Our current pull on gravity at the present moment – aka our weight. It tells us nothing else about ourselves. Not how fit we are, how nice we are, how bad we are…it only tells our weight. The debate ragesContinue reading “Things That Make the Scale Go Bump In The Night”

The 5 Exercise and Diet Myths That Can Go Away Now

Do you know what the WORST part about being a dietitian and trainer is? Telling complete strangers what you do at social events.   “So what do you do?” – “I’m a registered dietitian and trainer”   “Oh, so you are totally judging my plate right now…” “What do you think about _____ diet?” “IContinue reading “The 5 Exercise and Diet Myths That Can Go Away Now”

Ladies, Do These 2 Things to Get Results…For Real

There are no magic foods that burn fat, and there are no must eat foods for optimal results. However, if there was a must-have food group or category of foods, it would be… Protein – one of the three main macronutrients that I always seem to be talking about. 99 out of 100 times whenContinue reading “Ladies, Do These 2 Things to Get Results…For Real”

The 9 Essential Exercises for Serious Runners (with Videos)

Runners love to run. This is obvious. Running can also be a double-edged sword. Some swear it is the best form of exercise, and others swear off it for life because of bad experiences. Running can be one of the best forms of exercise and competition, and at the same time can be one ofContinue reading “The 9 Essential Exercises for Serious Runners (with Videos)”

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