5 Nutrition Myths That Won’t Die

Eating _____ will lead to death and cause ______ and you will ______…. Nutrition is a confusing topic, as there is endless info out there, and it can be quite hard to figure out what works and what is fake. The real answer for everything nutrition-related is “it depends” because the context of the personContinue reading “5 Nutrition Myths That Won’t Die”

Why Low Carb Diets “Work”… and Then Don’t

  Carbs…the outlaw of most weight loss diets today. If you eat them, you will never lose fat because your insulin will always be juiced and you will store everything to your belly and hate your life… This is what many low carb proponents will preach to their graves. Cut out carbs, and you cutContinue reading “Why Low Carb Diets “Work”… and Then Don’t”

New TV Show: “Fit to Fat to Fat”…Double Facepalm…

Right on the heels of my new favorite TV show, “My Diet is Better Than Yours” (is it even still on TV?) comes a new, and even more insulting, asinine, out right dumb TV show – “Fit to Fat to Fit” on A&E (arts and entertainment, anyone?) Before I go further on my take, I want toContinue reading “New TV Show: “Fit to Fat to Fat”…Double Facepalm…”

New TV Show: “My Diet is Better Than Yours”…Sigh…

So, I just saw a commercial for “My Diet is Better Than Yours”,Instantly, I had a bad feeling about this. I went to the website, and my fears were confirmed. Without giving the “diet experts” any more publicity, let’s look at their credentials, and “diet” plan principles: Dude #1 – Cred: Psych Major/Lost a bunchContinue reading “New TV Show: “My Diet is Better Than Yours”…Sigh…”

Carbohydrates: The Real Enemy?

Low-Carb, No Carb, Carb FREE, Carb Carb Carb Carb – Seems all we hear about now a days is carbohydrates and how bad they are for us. Well today I want to take a step back, look at what these devilish things are, and explain why, or why not, they are so dang bad! 1.Continue reading “Carbohydrates: The Real Enemy?”

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