How to Salvage Even the Worst of Diet Days

Starting off, I know this post might ruffle some feathers because I still will be talking about eating processed and fast food. By no way do I think any of these foods are the best choice to be eating; however, we have ALL had that day where all our plans go to $#!t and weContinue reading “How to Salvage Even the Worst of Diet Days”

How to Survive a Long Weekend Food Fest, and Still Enjoy Yourself

Overview: Portions still matter, calories still matter Maintain healthy eating patterns Be active, however you can Return to your routine as soon as the trip is over Enjoy your vacation guilt free Reuben Sandwich with fries, authentic Mexican fajitas + 20 oz. margarita, Denny’s Grand Slam* and Gino’s East – Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza.Continue reading “How to Survive a Long Weekend Food Fest, and Still Enjoy Yourself”

Carbohydrates: The Real Enemy?

Low-Carb, No Carb, Carb FREE, Carb Carb Carb Carb – Seems all we hear about now a days is carbohydrates and how bad they are for us. Well today I want to take a step back, look at what these devilish things are, and explain why, or why not, they are so dang bad! 1.Continue reading “Carbohydrates: The Real Enemy?”

Fruit Will Make You Fat? Not so Fast…

A recent article in a popular fitness magazine featured several different “nutrition experts” discussing whether or not fruit was a good idea for those trying to lose weight. Two of the writers said fruit was bad, two said it was good. Along with this, it seems to be popular among people to knock fruit becauseContinue reading “Fruit Will Make You Fat? Not so Fast…”

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